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LouhetarLouhetar is my first ever created character back when I started in Classic. Warlock were very different back then. I do miss times as I was Warlock, but now I’m just too happy with Druid and healing (with any class almost) that pure DPS class isn’t as much fun as it used to be.

I still levelled her up to 90 and I have certain sentimental attachment to her, since she has all the cool Feats of Strength and the Tabard of the Protector (which you got from the Opening of the Dark Portal event). And she was in the guild where I met my boyfriend many years ago! <3

Also she is back to being Undead (kind of going back to her roots as she was Undead in Classic.), after seeing the new Gnome models my head just decided that now it is the time to go back 😀

I managed to get the greenfire for her in Pandaria and before the 6.0 patch so now I’m proud owner of title “Of the Black Harvest” (wowhead link here) which was only obtainable before the patch!
I sometimes (well most of the time) have hard time focusing on one thing at the time so doing the greenfire was bit difficult for me, but I’m so proud of myself that I managed to do it without help! (by meaning help I mean that there wasn’t anyone sitting next to me and yelling out the stuff to avoid, I of course read and watched guides to help out.)

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