the fantastic adventures of Lady Rin


(You can see the armory by clicking the picture)


My Priest, currently going with name Wylena, was my first Alliance character. She was my main before I changed her to Druid. I raided with her in Wrath, Ulduar content. I was Priest Officer at that time in Finnish guild called Aurora.

She was the character I gained my first Loremaster-title (after I changed my Druid to be main I farmed it for her too), when it was still difficult. Since you needed to collect, if I remember right, 800 quests on each sides. Monkey quest -addon was really helpful back then and now you have zone specific counters to make it easier /rant 😀

Update 10/03/2016: Currently she is level 93, I got her a Garrison and she has heard the whispers of the dark side (apparently they have cookies also). I’m really enjoying Shadow spec for the first time, I think, ever so I’m happy to see how this one goes 🙂 I’ve also heard some changes to the shadow spec when Legion comes but I haven’t read that much because of spoilers!