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My Priest, currently going with name Wylena, was my first Alliance character. She was my main before I changed her to Druid. I raided with her in Wrath, Ulduar content. I was Priest Officer at that time in Finnish guild called Aurora.

She was the character I gained my first Loremaster-title (after I changed my Druid to be main I farmed it for her too), when it was still difficult. Since you needed to collect, if I remember right, 800 quests on each sides. Monkey quest -addon was really helpful back then and now you have zone specific counters to make it easier /rant 😀

Update 10/03/2016: Currently she is level 93, I got her a Garrison and she has heard the whispers of the dark side (apparently they have cookies also). I’m really enjoying Shadow spec for the first time, I think, ever so I’m happy to see how this one goes 🙂 I’ve also heard some changes to the shadow spec when Legion comes but I haven’t read that much because of spoilers!

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