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Shenyer is my pretty Paladin, I created her because I wanted to try tanking with another class than Druid and she was my first melee class.
She has always been Protection, I also levelled her as Prot, I’ve collected gear for Retri and Holy but never actually used them.

I’ve been thinking to actually really try out Holy specc as soon as I collect the gear first. She is also my Jewelcrafter and Miner since Paladins have the faster mount.

“I’m a little Paladin short and stout.
Here is my mace and here is my mount.
When I see trouble I scream and shout.
Pop my bubble and hearthstone out!”

Update 10/03/2016: She has just stepped trough the portal to Draenor and is exploring all things shiny. She loves bossing around the new workers and they even call her Commander.