(You can see the armory by clicking the picture)

my pack <3


Keitha (former Pizzelle) is my second, but more played, Hunter. I created her when I had RAF-bonus and I didn’t want to change my other Hunter to be Alliance. Hunter was my second class I created in Classic, mainly because I liked the idea of having pets.  She was my 2nd class to get the Legendary cape.

Update 10/03/2016: With seconds after stepping trough the portal to Draenor she heard the call of Nature and the Moon, she called her pack and it answered and now they’re all exploring the new interesting place. On the side note, daaaaaamn everything dies so fast with that Legendary cape 😀








Skathí (formerly known as Sacura) is my first Hunter I created (and second character ever created), she is my one and only character that has never been Alliance I just couldn’t do that to her 😀Skathi Her first pet after the pet quest (in Classic you had to do 3 different Tame quests to get a pet for you Hunter) was the spotted snowy cat from Dun Morogh (the agony of running there with almost 20 level character, I had help but I died so many times :D)

Sometime after her loyal pet changed to Hedwig, my lovely snowy owl. Currently she patrols with her loyal wolf, Nymeria.









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