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RinikeTauren2Rinike is my main character, my pride and joy. I love hunting new transmogs, farming achievements or just derping out in PvP, I love spending the time on my Druid. That is one of all the characters I’m really proud of. I’m proud to say I’m good at playing my chosen specs (Resto and tank) and I know how my class works. I firstly created her to only be my flower farmer, but as I spent time with her I realised that this is the class I want to be my main, and she has been my main since end of Wrath.

I am retiring officer in only Druid guild called <Druids of the Beast> @Shadowsong (we have Twitter and FB page and website on it’s way), and at the end of Pandaria I can proudly say we cleared everything in normal and Heroic. To me it feels even more amazing than normal raiding, it has that certain difficulty when you raid with only with specific class.

I have a thing for Druids (I actually have 5 of them, one can never have too many Druids <3), especially Worgens. I fell in love with them when they were first introduced. I would love to see Blizzard adding more about Gilneas and Worgen lore. You can read more about my Druid here #DruidWeek post.

Update 10.03.2016: I’m still Horde side, logging in every now and then to check up Garrison. Also been thinking to gear up so I could buy boost for the Moose mount! I’m also planning on doing some achievements and hunt some more pets, currently I’m 558/600 from Stormwing. Rinike is now a kitty dps because I found it easier to level up with and it just stuck with me. While gathering gear and planning for that Moose mount I wish I can change back to bear/resto specs. I’ve also been toying around with the idea that I would change her back to Alliance and to be Worgen, but I just can’t decide! 😀



I was thinking that I enjoy Druid so much so I need more Druids! So I created her! My baby Druid, Asile! I also wanted to have a character who can be kitty DPS spec since Rinike has Resto/Guardian spec and I don’t want to change that. So far levelling as kitty seems rather fast and nice. Hopefully I can level her fast enough to be able to do few raids before the new expansion.

Update 10.03.2016: She is also 100 now and the funny thing is she is the one that has Resto spec 😀 I have done a raid once or twice with mah Druid fellows, but my gear is so bad that I feel horrible when they carry me trough the raid 😀










Nimue is one my Horde Drudis, I created her when I was bored and I thought I need yet another Druid 🙂 So far she’s been stuck at level 55 for I think atleast a year. I used my free boost on her and chose Resto / Boomkin. Plan is to do some PvP on Horde side with my BF (if I ever get to gear up her on battlegrounds :D).

Update 10/03/2016:  Not much update in here, I’ve levelled her to 100 and her spec is feral now mainly because I don’t like looking at the giant lazerchicken and I don’t like how the glyph looks (I think it’s too blue! :F).











BlackbearryWild Druid appears, it’s Blackbearry! Yeah one can not have too many Druids aye?! Plan is to level up this one to 70 and actually do some old raids and dungeons. Currently she sits at 47 but shouldn’t take too long to actually level up. As you might have guessed from the name our plan needed a tank so ;P












MomijigariMomijigari is my bank alt, my plan is to level up her to 60 or 70 and find a pretty ‘banking transmog’ 🙂

Update 10/03/2016: Bank alt is still going strong, only 10 more levels to go for level 60 🙂



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