Cleric – Rinike


Rinike is my most played in Rift.
I actually had a different Cleric on another account and then I remembered that I had my old account (which was collectors edition ^^) So instead of using the new account I changed back to old one and levelled new Cleric 🙂
Her souls are Druid – Justicar – Shaman, as I love Druids it was quite easy the pick ;D
She is on Guardian because when I started playing again my good friend had formed a guild on Defiant side 🙂

I have done some dungeons and did some achievement hunting when the Yule event was up. And atleast in dungeons people are bit nicer than in WoW, they don’t yell at you if you do something wrong or call you names if you say you’re new to the game and/or current dungeon.