Hilde Bjornsdottir

Hilde Hilde is my main character and my second created character in Guild Wars 2 (I had Asura Ranger as main earlier but I deleted her after I fell in love with my Norn babes).

Her given name means ‘Battle’ and surname means ‘Daughter of the Bear’ (freely translated).
I love all things Vikings, Norse and Celtic which is why I probably feel so much at home when I play my Norns. Also names are really important for me in games, they need to fit the background of the race.
The Norn starting area itself is so pretty and Eir Stegalkin is one of my heroes <3
One of the perks playing GW2 is that you can change the dye of your armor, which I do quite often 😀

For long I played with Longbow/Shortbow combo with my Ranger, but then I found Greatsword/Sword+Axe combo so much more enjoyable.
I’m proud to say I can finally be melee hunter ;P

Hilde is fierce young Norn Lady who always knows what to say and doesn’t turn down opportunity to find more adventures.
No one knows what happened to her parents, but one day, at the age of 2, she appeared at the door of the great Bear Lodge in Hoelbrak.
Lodge Shamans protected her among other kids and she was raised to honor the Bear Spirit, sometimes called the Great Spirit.
Bear is said to be the most prominent deity in Norn culture and it represents fortitude and self-reliance and it is said to be the mightiest of all the animal spirits in the Norn culture.

At the age of 10 she found a young bear cub alone in the woods, cubs mother was killed by some poachers. Ever since that Hilde and Misha have been inseparable, facing the adventures Tyria has to offer together. When Hilde was 16 she took part on the annual Great Hunt, it is held in the beautiful Wayfarer Foothills. She earned the right to call herself as “Slayer of Issormir.” Afterwards she has hunt with the mighty Eir Stegalkin herself, slayed minotaurs, Sons of Svanir  and joined Durmand Priory.
When she is not out hunting new adventures she spends her time at the Lodge reading, designing outfits or planning the next adventure to come.