Unega Kha

Unega was my first Au’Ra created and on the Heavensward launch day (and evening before that) I spent way too many hours I wanted to do some research on her name. Au’Ra Xaela names are based on 15th century Mongolian names and words, so I would say I know a bit from the culture 😀 Which was quite cool 😛 Her name is variation from a Mongolian word “unegen” which means fox, I picked the name to make it to match with her personality which, clever and intelligent, and as the saying goes “Smart like a fox” 😛
Her last name is picked from the clan list from square enix’s forums. (I really love that they provide the naming conventions for every race, makes the name picking a bit easier).
“Unlike most of the Xaela, the Kha live on the fringes of the Xaela lands, actively seeking contact with non Auri peoples, introducing many aspects of those cultures into their own.”

She is currently Arcanist but her plans are to take the Summoners path.

You can find her on Cactuar.

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