Rinike Runewood

Rinike, used to be Au Ra called Kaede Omori, but on one evening when she was doing her daily shopping in Sapphire Avenue exchange in Ul’dah she was approached by a shady looking man. Man asked that if she had heard of this new potion “Fantasia” that can alter your appearance for a short while.
Rinike was excited, she was a explorer by nature so she wanted to try this new potion, nevertheless the offer and the man were very suspicious.

Long story short, the “short while” wasn’t so short, it was more of on the permanent¬†side. Immortal Flames were drowning on complains of other people being tricked by the same man.
Rinike saw this as an opportunity to not to dwell in disappointment but to learn something new. And these fluffy ears were so much cuter than the old horns she had!
She decided to change her name out of respect and to “fit in” a little bit better but not too much so she wouldn’t upset the old Miqo’te families and clans.

She has taken the job of Astrologian after the calling of an White Mage didn’t seem to fit that well. As an night owl she’s always loved to look at the stars on a clear night so Astrologian’s job is more than fitting!

Her loyal friend has gone trough some changes as well, while adventuring she found some fruits specially for Chocobos. She picked up few and gave them to Charlie. After some resting Rinike noticed that Charlie’s feathers had started to change colour! She was now green!

You can find her on Ultros!


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