Rhin Lyehga

Rhin_newarmorRhin, my first proper character after the FFXIV trial. My pretty kitty lady.
Her name came up as a small variation of my screen name Rinike and then I just random generated her last name and I’m very happy the outcome 🙂
Rhin’s adventures started as a Lancer and my aim was to get Dragoon as she was the character I did most research on classes and I knew I wanted to try out something different than healing / caster / range dps.
And I love being a Dragoon, it even sounds super awesome and it’s really refreshing to just smash things! I got to level 40 when Heavensward got released which inspired me to make the pretty dragon lady 😛
I’m still planning on levelling her (and her twin sister) as a I need to move the story forward.  🙂
Incase you haven’t already you can read Rhin’s and her twin sister’s story here.

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