Poponyo Ponyo

Poponyo is the cutest and sweetest Lalafell. When she is not plotting the world domination she is harassing the wind up minions (in good manner of course ;P). Her favourite is Sir Aymeric.
She can get quite mischievous but you’d never believe that by looking at her adorable face!

Poponyo is my character that I used jump potion, she is trained Scholar but she is levelling other healer jobs as well. She shall be my cute tiny healing potato!
I used the jump potion with my husband after Stormblood launched! Husband has always wanted to try out the game but levelling trough both Realm Reborn and Heavensward can take so much time. He got himself a Ninja. After levelling a bit in Stormblood we decided to try out tank/healer combo and it has been really fun!

You can find her on Ultros!

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