Matsu Onishi

Matsu, used to be F’rhela Fhey, is twin sister to Tatsu. They used to be lovely cat ladies, you can read their small introduction here.

New in the story!
As the time passed Tatsu and Matsu spent more time together and before long they were inseparable. Matsu continued with her studies as Black Mage and Tatsu as newly found Samurai, they decided that as they’ve spent their early life separated they wanted to try this “Fantasia” potion to more resemble each other. They took the form of Au Ra as it seemed fitting for a new start. Tatsu prefers her hair a little bit shorter and lighter than Tatsu. Fantasia didn’t have much effect for their eyes, due them having odd eyes from birth, only the colour changed. Tatsu’s right eye is little bit darker shade of purple and on the other hand Matsu’s left eye is darker. They also chose a new surname together. They’re also calling themselves playfully Lavender Twins as it’s their favourite flower. Only time will tell what more adventures lies ahead for them! 🙂

You can find her on Cactuar!


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