Kaede Omori

Kaede6Kaede is White Mage in training and my current main character. Her race is Au’Ra from the Raen clan.
As soon as I finish all the end stories in Realm Reborn I can start progressing on Astrologian.
My levelling feels like it goes super fast because I get distracted how beautiful the game is and all the side quests are amazing (even tho I’ve been trying to keep the side quests in minimum so I can do faster progress on the main story ^^).
When I started as Conjurer I was amazed how much fun the healing is, and as I was progressing trough without 2nd job (in this case Arcanist, which later on allowed me to be White Mage) I got super nice tips from a Free Company fellow that the levelling might even go faster if I just sidetrack myself for an hour or two and get the White Mage job. And it actually did, I’m super happy this person took interest in me while I was just minding my own business and levelling away 😛
While I write this I have 9 levels to 50 and after that people have said that it takes around a day to a month to finish everything depending how fast and how much you play, which sounds fair to me. I’m quite excited about this as I really love the story so far! I also love the thing that they’re actually making you explore the existing world and it’s stories before allowing you to start the expansion.

Also another reason I sidetracked myself from levelling as Conjurer.

I’m really bad with coming up names in MMOs, either I spend waaaaay too much time on the research of the race’s history and background to make the name fit for the lore or I just come up with silly name (lately it’s been more of that first one as I tend to get bored to the funny name after a while).
But with Kaede I actually went with the character creation’s random name generator, it just came up after few clicks (more like 50 but who’s counting). In Au’Ra lore Raen clan have their name inspired from Japanese names and I wanted to do some googling for mine and it came up with:
Kaede – ‘maple’
Omori – ‘big forest’ or ‘large grove’

Feel free to correct if my googling was wrong as my Japanese is very limited and it’s mostly learned from anime series 😀


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