My Characters

I wanted to add a Page that tells something about my characters and has pictures of them. I started playing WoW in 2005 and it was my first ever MMORPG game, since  that I’ve tried many other online games, such as Aion Online, Forsaken World, Ragnarok Online, Flyff and RIFT. Even how nice those games were I always went back to play WoW

I have never been able to give my 100% focus on one character, that is why I have so many alts. Call me weird but I love leveling, doing the quests and getting that tiny new character new gear and experience. That is why I have done Loremaster -title twice, before they added individual quest achievements. 😀 (Reason why I did it was because in BC I had my Priest as my main, but my Druid , my current main, started to be a lot more interesting due being able to solo stuff better and the healing was amazing! I mostly do PvE and sometimes really rarely PvP.