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Borås Zoo 3/3

My last part of the Borås Zoo post will include the rest pictures I’ve decided were worth posting. I really hope you’ve liked my pictures. Borås Zoo has a lot of primates which includes Sulawesi Crested Macaques, White-Handed Gibbons and Borneo Orangutans. They also have everyone’s favourite Red Pandas! Also African Wild Dogs and Greater… Read More Borås Zoo 3/3

Fuji X-M1, real life, zoo

Borås Zoo 2/3

Hopefully all went well and you liked my first Zoo pictures with Elephants and Bears. This second post is hopefully live on Tuesday 30.5.2017 This post will include Cheetahs, Zebras, Rhinos, Giraffes and Lions. Lions in Borås Zoo are African Lions they’re quite magnificent. I like how you can look the lion in the eye… Read More Borås Zoo 2/3

Fuji X-M1, real life, zoo

Borås Zoo 1/3

Last Saturday (20.5.2017) we made a trip to Borås Zoo. It’s been a while (4 years!!) since we’ve been there last. They’ve had some changed and they we’re improving some areas, like the elephant pen. This year they had quite many babies, among one is the African Savannah Elephant Cindy (I hope I remembered her… Read More Borås Zoo 1/3

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Borås Zoo

Today we went to Borås Zoo and the animals there were so amazing! (Like animals usually are,duh!! ^^) Thought I share some here too.We had really nice timing at tigers, they started feeding them so got some really really really nice pictures. (I love tigers and wolves