Twitter raid (part 27)

Last nights Friday Fun Run was really ncie, despite Blizzard’s continuing  problems with logins, mysterious and “short” lagspikes and disconnects. But we managed to go to Heart of Fear, which is one of the Pandaria raids. But the first boss was bit too much for the FridayFunRun group and he didn’t go down willingly, so we decided to keep it fun, easy and nice we went to Mogu’shan Vaults. Which we would have downed but due my huge lagspikes and disconnects (I was the other tank) we had to call the night bit early. Hopefully we have enough people next week so we can finish it 🙂
Here are the few pictures I took while tanking 🙂 and here you can see Chro’s video summary ouf our half run 🙂






And this is what I did the rest of the night, at one point I wasn’t even able to logout