Getting familiar with Wildstar

So sometime ago I got beta test invite for Wildstar.
I was really curious about this game as people talked about it a lot and it looked really fun.
I started on The Dominion side as Draken and I loved it. I also got trial account from awesome Murky so I was able to try these fluffy people called Aurin, on The Exiles side, and I was sold. The game itself is like cute mashed version of WoW and GW2, which I both like. Currently I’m on a summer holiday from WoW so what is better than spend that time in Wildstar instead.
Currently as I write this I’m level 6 so I don’t have that much things to show, but I will make some posts in the future!

My class is Esper and it uses Psychic abilities to defeat the mobs. As far as I’ve understood it’s also support class so I can do some healing, I guess 😀
You can also choose a path, explorer, soldier, settler and scientist, to fit on your gamestyle. I chose explorer as I really like exploring everything on the map and Wildstar has some jumping puzzles like GW2 so it was quite easy choice for me 🙂

When you create your character you start in Wildstar you start on a spaceship, you get to know of your sides races and ways.

“United by a burning hatred of the Dominion, the Aurin, the Granok, and the Humans of the Exile Fleet are prepared to make a final stand against the invading empire that has claimed the planet. The Exiles consider Nexus their last hope, and they are willing to die for it.” – Wildstar Gamepedia

You learn how to use your skill and what to do with the path you chose etc.
And then you get send down to the planet 🙂 (click the pics to see the full size ^^)


I saved some vegetable things!! <3 🙂


Currently my two main skills! One on the left is called Telekinetic Strike, builds up Psi points so I can use the right one called Mind Burst.

spaceshipevergrowspaceship2 evergrow2