WoD pre-order, Hearthstone release and awesome commission art!

This week has been awesome so far! Monday Blizzard added pre-order option for Warlords of Draenor (expected game release: Autumn 2014!!!!!!!). You can choose from Digital Standard edition (45e) or Digital Deluxe edition (60e). With both edition you get free 90 boost BUT you only get it if you pre-order it. You also get the boost if you pre-order the physical copy of the expansion, but then you would have to wait with the boost (it would be amazing to have, but I wanted my boost now :D)
In Digital Deluxe you get cool Dread Raven mount and Dread Hatchling pet (and some stuff for StarCraft II and Diablo III). That Deluxe edition was the obvious choice for me and my bf 😛 It’s like cmon, the mount is like Anzu  in steroids ;D


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My To Do-list before WoD release


I thought to make a To Do-list for myself what I need to do before they release, just to have everything summed up in one place 😛

  • Level up my missing classes to 90 (Warrior is 80 and Rogue is 85)
  • Level up my BabyDruid (currently 62ish)
  • Level up my Druidbankalt to 60 (I had this awesome idea that I want the tier1 for it :D)
  • Level up missing professions for Master of All achievement (missing Engineering and Blacksmith)
  • Green Fire for my Warlock (still need to gear it up a little so it would be easier)

Those are at least the ones I can think of now 😛

My thoughts of the purchasable 90

Last Tuesday when US servers came up, a screenshot spread like a wind trough players.


Source Mmo-champion

As everyone knows Blizzard announced free boost to 90 when you buy your Digital copy of Warlords of Draenor. After that they told that they’re adding purchasable 90s.
I really have mixed feelings about this. I’ve read people complaining about the price as it’s too high for them and Blizzard is being greedy with the price. The price needs to be high so not everyone can buy it and fill up the servers like that. Would it be more greedy to set the price so more people would buy the boost and they would get more money?
I think the price is quite ok now it should be higher, for example 90 for every level you get as someone stated in MMO-champion forums. Also they haven’t announced any requirements for it. I think you should have atleast 1 or 2 90s before you’re eligible for the purchase, since if you get banned you could just buy new account and boost yourself to 90 just like that. I actually like the free one you get, I can finally boost my Horde Druid to 90. But for that purchasable 90 I’m not fan of. I think you should experience the game and more important the class you’re playing trough quests and dungeons.

Also at this point LFR is so horrible that what good fresh 90s played by people who probably have no idea what they’re doing with the class can do to make it better.
LFR is really good and nice system and can be enjoyable with nice group (but that is a really rare), which leads me to little bit off topic on this one.
Blizzard should make something to improve the LFR, either try to make the fights more forgiving OR make Proving Grounds to be one requirement to be able to queue to LFR.
Just do something, since again last night I was doing LFR (I only do it on Wednesday or Thursday, latest Saturday) and at Garrosh we had 4 dps with 30-40k dps on that fight.
I mean cmon you can’t assume that ignoring the fight tactics and slacking your way trough bosses is acceptable. And some of these people who do this are the ones who do Flex/Normal/Heroic. I’m not saying this to brag or anything but when I do LFR with my Druid, in almost all the runs I’m the one who heals +28% for that whole fight, and that is usually twice as much as the second one. It annoys me, but I still need to do those runs to be able to get gear for off spec (and for other alts).

Then to something more awesome and less rant. Yesterday Blizzard published new pictures of their new character models and this time it was time for Orc females.
I’ve always thought Orc females look fierce and are awesome, but now they are even better! They look absolutely amazing (and this time it looks like their boobs are same pair 😀 not important fact but wanted to point that out :P). My original Hunter was Orc when I started, I changed her to be Blood Elf thinking that I will play her more but that didn’t happen. I am quite sure that I’m gonna change her back to Orc 🙂 More about the changes in Blizzard’s site.