New Character Models: Before and After comparison

I finally managed to copy my characters to PTR, I’ve wanted to see how my own characters would look with the nice new models. I have to say I was little bit disappointed, some of the faces that are suppose to be “match” for the original ones, look completely different (as you may notice with my gnome warlock).
Feels like sometimes the designers didn’t even look/remember the old face when they redesigned them (notice here I do not know how it works just sharing my opinions). There are currently 4 races that I’m completely happy with and those are (all females as I don’t own any male chars) Tauren, Orc, Undead, Troll and Paladin (noticed the pattern here? In my opinion the Horde races look much better and more elaborate).

As I’ve studied with all the faces and looks I have only one thing in my mind, if this is the result of redesigning I wish they don’t touch the Worgens. Also don’t get me wrong here, I appreciate how much time they have put into this and some of the faces don’t look too bad but I think some of them could have been better, a lot better.

But here are few comparison pictures I put together, if I wasn’t happy with the face I searched for the alternative that I wish to use.

Let’s start with the Draeneis, I was surprised how pretty my hunter looks (as I loaded my Monk before it)
But I couldn’t help to notice that most of the Draenei faces look like they’re trying to do “duckface” imitation.
My Monk, I only took the picture to show how much the original face changed. What happened to the pretty Draenei eyes? and the face became “chubby” suddenly. But I do love how they fixed the shoulders!! Now they don’t look like they’re falling off!!

Draenei Draenei2

My tiny Dwarf! The Dwarf model looks so much better now! It didn’t look too bad to start with but oh my it’s so good now. Reason I didn’t use the original face on the new model is because I thought this one looked bit better.Dwarf Then my Gnome.. I don’t know where to begin. Well positive thing is that the new hairs look nice (on all races) but can you see how much different the new one (middle) is to the old, it looks like grumpy cat now and I absolutely loved that face before. I loved the soft brown eyes but I probably have to go with the right face model as it looks less grumpy. I also think that the eyes are bit too big.Gnome This is my Worgen Druids Human form (which I never use as I love being a Worgen) but it looks really nice, I like how the new Human model looks.Human Night Elves, my first love on Alliance side. They look really good BUT the different face options are quite limited, I found only 1 face I was happy with.NightElf Then to my new old love, my second character. My fierce Orc lady! I absolutely LOVE the Orc model, they look so good!! I love the expressions so much!Orc I’ve always loved how Taurens look, but with the new models they look amazing! The middle one is the original face, but I think I’m gonna go that one with the markings since they make it look fierce!TaurenHere is one extra picture of how I would make my Gnome Warlock look as Undead (she was Undead at start so I might go back to my roots with her :P)

My To Do-list before WoD release


I thought to make a To Do-list for myself what I need to do before they release, just to have everything summed up in one place 😛

  • Level up my missing classes to 90 (Warrior is 80 and Rogue is 85)
  • Level up my BabyDruid (currently 62ish)
  • Level up my Druidbankalt to 60 (I had this awesome idea that I want the tier1 for it :D)
  • Level up missing professions for Master of All achievement (missing Engineering and Blacksmith)
  • Green Fire for my Warlock (still need to gear it up a little so it would be easier)

Those are at least the ones I can think of now 😛

The Azerothian competition

Some days ago I saw a tweet from @TheAzerothian advertising their magazines (link here, you should really go and read it, it’s really good WoW magazine ^^) first competition. Title was “Preparing for Draenor”, idea was to take a screenshot in front of the Dark Portal, since I was there when the Dark Portal first opened years ago I had a tabard called “Tabard of the Protector” I thought it would be cool to use it in front of the Dark Portal 🙂 This is the winning entry ^^

preparing for DraenorThe reward for the first price to choose which ever mount you like from the Blizzard Store, it was really difficult decision between all the cool mounts! But I chose the newest, Iron Skyreaver , and it looks amazing!! 🙂 Here you can see the video how it moves.

I also took few pictures 🙂


Warlock mog

I wanted to create a transmog for my Warlock, that wasn’t that obvious for a warlock.
Also with Warlock tiers it’s quite difficult to design a transmog that is matching since all the tiers are different colour and style 🙂 But I finally managed to put together a transmog I was happy with. 🙂 Yesterday on our Friday fun run (post incoming) we went to naxx10 (where I needed my shoulders from) and I finally got the last piece for my gear 🙂
And here it is 🙂

Items used:

wlockwlock2 wlock3 wlock4

Notable People Of Each Classes

As some of you might have noticed I had a ‘theme’ while I was doing Lae’s (from World of Lae) Alt Appreciation challenge. I wrote about classes that you might know or you should know. I’ve been thinking a lot of adding it as a real theme for my blog and since it’s new year and all, here it is 🙂
Starting next week, I will be introducing a few people of importance to the current class of the week.

DressUp! #dressVanilla

Time for the last theme, it’s called vanilla. I’m assuming this means Vanilla WoW (as in Classic if someone is not familiar with the terms).
I chose to make the theme for my Warlock since it was the first ever character I created 🙂 We didn’t even imagine having something like transmog back then but I still saved all the pretty robes!
I chose Plagueheart Raiment (tier 3 for Warlock) just because nowdays it’s only obtainable trough Black Market Auction House and it’s is by far one of the coolest set for Warlock!
My weapon of choice was Crystalfire Staff (Yes it’s not from Vanilla but I just love that staff, so purple!! ^^)

I have to say that I’ve enjoyed this challenge so much and it is all thanks to @Batinna !! <3 Thank you for making such an awesome challenge for us! 🙂



DressUp! #dressViking

I’ve been really bad with timing my DressUp posts, I usually completely forgot them! BUT two weeks ago theme was Vikings and I love the Viking Age with all the norse mythology and all. So I had my transmog all planned I was gonna do the leather ‘battlegear” with horns and axes and all but then it hit me. It wasn’t just that on that time. There were also Seidr’s (which was type or sorcery at that time and it was usually practiced by women).
So I did some googling and had some pictures inspire me a bit more and I found these:

My race of choice for this one was gnome since I was thinking to actually hunt these items and make it for my warlock (since it also would be suitable for being a sorcerer and all ;P )
I think this one is one of my best ideas for this DressUp challenge so far 🙂

#WarlockWeek summary

One week is over again (how the hell time goes so fast…). I didn’t really have that much time to do LFR with her, all I did was changed her from Affliction to Destruction 😀
I’m really going to play her bit more probably on next week even tho it is Warrior week. Just to try out the Destruction spec and how it is.

Back in a day when she was still Undead 🙂

#WarlockWeek transmog

Thought for the end of Warlock week I should make a tmog post.
So this is my current tmog on my Warlock, she looks so adorable 🙂
It is also my favourite Warlock tier 🙂 When I was leveling her back in classic, all I ever wanted to get that tear! (Never got it btw :S until now)
It is the first tier, Felheart and my weapon of choice is Inscribed Serpent Staff