Diary of a Worgen day 1 Parents

Before I start, I should probably tell you something about myself.  My name is Rinike, I walk in the shadows following the teachings of Malorne and Cenarius. Protecting the Nature has always been my calling, I am Guardian of Cenarius, I am a Druid. I wasn’t always like this; mysterious, feral, grey fur coated and brown eyed werewolf that I am now.  Rest of Azeroth calls me and my kin Worgens. I once was Child of Elune a pink skinned, pointy eared and white haired Night Elf, child of the Stars. I’ve always been head over heels for travelling and adventuring, I used to get in trouble from it when I was young. This one specific day, quite long time ago, I got into more trouble than I’ve even been. I’ve heard people talking and gossiping around Darnassus market that there was new kingdom, Gilneas, found near Silverpine Forest. So of course I went there to see this new mystical place, everything that happened, still to this day I do not regret my decision. Close to Gilneas border I was ambushed by some Worgens from the Bloodfang clan and I got bitten.

I don’t really remember that well what happened, but I woke up inside the gates of Gilneas. I got nurtured back to health by a old librarian and his wife. They were also Worgens but under the orders of King Genn Greymane. In couple of days I started feeling different kind of illness in me, I felt more untamed so to say. Leo told me that it was the Curse of Worgen. I was scared, I was cursed!? How could this happen to me! Few weeks after that was the full moon, my first transformation and on the same time my last. I’ve learnt so much about my new me and my kind from Leo, he said that some Worgens learn how to connect with their inner humanity and be able to transform back what they once were. I’ve never cared to learn that, I didn’t want to. I decided that this is who I am and I might as well accept it. I love my new fluffy, playful, loyal me. I have grown to be a little bit more aware of other people and seen they don’t treat me the same and who I am to blame them. I look like the big bad wolf from kids story Little Red Riding Hood. I am also faster, stronger and my connection to Nature has only grown. I think I am better Druid than I even could have been as my old self. You say I’m cursed, I say I’m freed from my old self!


So that was a bit about my background. I wanted to explain it so you’d understand a little who I am. I never knew my parents, I don’t know what happened to them. My earliest memory is me playing tag with other Night Elf kids in Darnassus’ orphanage. Shanai Darkwater, who is the head woman of our little orphanage, once told me that they found me under this really tall tree in Teldrassil crying. It seemed like my parents and me were on a hunt and I got separated. No one seemed to be searching me so Shanai raised me as one of her own, without her I’d be probably eaten by a swamp monster.

After my transformation I’ve grown to be very fond of Kim and Leo Caen, the nice old couple who rescued me. Leo’s wife is a writer so they were on their afternoon walk when they saw me lie down in a bush, carried me home and the rest you know. After a while I started to call them my family, my new family, family that I never remember having. Kim and Leo were older and they didn’t have any children so they often called me theirs and I was more than happy with. Since Gilneas is all ruins now, they were forced to move. They live in Howling Fjord, Kim said that she always wanted to travel when she was younger but she didn’t have time so now that they’re old they’re going all out with travelling. They send me new postcard from every new place they’ve been and we get together every month to catch up. We’re a nice little pack.

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This post is part of #30DaysofARPil hosted by wonderful Pizzamaid over at Pizzamaid.moe
uestions are originally made by Oslusiadas in Tumblr “30 Days of Character Development”.
You can keep track with my story by clicking the #30DaysofARPil tag.

30 Days of ARPil introduction

30 Days of ARPil introduction

My lovely senpai Pizzamaid – Twittermade a post about this a week ago in her blog, Pizzamaid.moe, but I am just now finding the time to write about it! The deal is that she found a post in Tumblr with 30 questions made by Oslusiadas .  There are no rules or regulations, everyone can join and it can be from any game or maybe your fanfic. I’ve been toying around with few of my character’s and making up a backstory for them so why not to give it a go and write them for everyone to see. I am not sure at all that I will finish this in April as I’m already few days late to the party, but I’m determent to try! For the past couple of days I’ve been trying to decide who should I go with; should I pick my lovely Dragon lady Kaede or my fierce Ranger Hilde daughter of the Bear or perhaps my fluffy Worgen, my namesake Rinike. I came to the conclusion that the background story for Rinike is far overdue so I picked her (maybe I’ll write some more about Kaede and Hilde in next month who knows).

Banner is made by talented @Synaeris from Twitter. She had giveaway contest and I was the lucky winner! ^_^ If you haven’t give her a follow!

SO without further delay here are all the 30 questions and I’m gonna tag my posts with #30DaysofARPil (and/or#ARPil whichever I can remember :D) and #DiaryOfAWorgen 🙂

1.) Describe your character’s relationship with their mother or their father, or both. Was it good? Bad? Were they spoiled rotten, ignored? Do they still get along now, or no?
2.) What are your characters most prominent physical features?

3.) Name one scar your character has, and tell us where it came from. If they don’t have any, is there a reason?

4.) How vain is your character? Do they find themselves attractive?

5.) What’s your character’s ranking on the Kinsey Scale? 

6.) Describe your character’s happiest memory.

7.) Is there one event or happening your character would like to erase from their past? Why?

8.) Day of Favorites! What’s your character’s favorite ice cream flavor? Color? Song? Flower?

9.)  Who does your character trust?

10.) Can you define a turning point in your character’s life? Multiples are acceptable.

11.) Is there an animal you equate with your character?

12.) How is your character with technology? Super savvy, or way behind the times? Letters or email?

13.) What does your character’s bed look like when he/she wakes up? Are the covers off on one side of the bed, are they all curled around a pillow, sprawled everywhere? In what position might they sleep?

14.)  How does your character react to temperature changes such as extreme heat and cold?

15.) Is your character an early morning bird or a night owl?

16.) Are there any blood relatives that your character is particularly close with, besides the immediate ones? Cousins, Uncles, Grandfathers, Aunts, et cetera. Are there any others that your character practically considers a blood relative?

17.) What’s your character’s desk/workspace look like? Are they neat or messy?

18.) Is your character a good cook? What’s their favorite recipe, whether they’re good or not? (Microwave mac-and-cheese applies.)

19.) What’s your character’s preferred means of travel?

20.) Does your character have any irrational fears?

21.) What would your character’s  cutie mark be?

22.) If your character could time travel, where would they go?

23.) Is your character superstitious?

24.) What might your character’s ideal romantic partner be?

25.) Describe your character’s hands. Are they small, long, calloused, smooth, stubby?

26.) Second day of favorites! Favorite comfort food, favorite vice, favorite outfit, favorite hot drink, favorite time of year, and favorite holiday.

27.) Pick two songs that describe your character at two different points of their life, and explain why you chose them.

28.) If your character’s life was a genre, what would it be?

29.) How does your character smell? Do they wear perfume or cologne?

30.) And finally: Write a letter to your character, from yourself.

Dragonrays Draenor Dress-up – Druid

Dragonrays Draenor Dress-up – Druid

Yes an actual post and more of transmog post!! (I’m so sorry for slacking, just been super lazy and busy with other stuff :F)
But ok I saw Dragonray‘s tweet that she is having yet another transmog competition! This time little bit shorter than the 12 week one 🙂 (Which was amazing!!!)

Idea was to make transmog outift just by using Outland gear. (You can read her post here)
I’ve been thinking to level my alt bank Druid to 70 (instead of 60) so I designed very Druidic transmog for her! Enjoy!

Head: Headdress of the Sleeper

Shoulder: Ravenwing Pauldrons

Back: Spell-Slinger’s Protector

Chest: Moonglade Robe

Wrists: Demonslayer’s Wristguards

Gloves: Grasp of the Moonkin

Belt: Manimal’s Cinch

Leggings: none because of the robe

Feet: Spymistress’ Boots

Weapon: Draenic Wildstaff


Catch up post – July

Catch up post – July

Hi all!!
I know it’s been quite some time since I made my last blog post.
A lot of have happened on the past few weeks so haven’t had that much time to sit by the computer! 🙂
First of all they called from work that if I would be able to work few weeks \o/ yay! Which is super awesome as I really love the job. What I do? Big medical companies ask us to be the neutral facet (I really hope I used this word in right place :D) and gather information from Doctors who use their products in certain diseases, for example COPD, psoriasis or bipolar disorder. So basically what I do is that I call to Finnish (we have a lot of people around the world) doctors and ask if they have time to do minor survey/questionnaire by phone or in internet. Then we ‘code’ the information and send it back to the company who ordered the survey 🙂 I also do some translating from English to Finnish, sometimes the client has changed some questions so I need to translate them. Which is quite fun as you get to know more about all the diseases and how to treat them (as I need to do some googling to get the translations right etc.)

Then just as our friend from Netherlands came to visit us and he brought some awesome goodies!!














Few days after one of my bestest (yes I know it’s not a word :D) friend from Finland came to visit us for the first time!! 🙂

We did lots of walking, we went to visit our pretty botanical garden, Universeum and rollerskating (haven’t done that in years!) and we found our new hobby thanks to him! Frisbee golf!! It’s so much fun!!

IMG_20140720_141255 IMG_20140721_145013



You can find more pictures from my Instagram 🙂

Gaming wise I haven’t been able to do much. I bought my very first hand held console, Nintendo 3DS Yoshi edition, right before Rick came here and I pretty much spend all my free time between work and sleep with that glued to my hands 😀
I currently have 3 games only: Hakuoki: Memories of the Shinsengumi (I absolutely love this!! thanks to SushiGeisha for talking so much about Hakuouki: Simple School Life, which is sadly only for PS Vita.), Animal Crossing: New Leaf (wanted to see what was all the fuss about it!! 😀 such a nice game) and then my recent game Pokemon X 😛



Also as everyone knows Steams summer sales were up so I managed to snatch some new games, now just need to divide my time between my DS and PC 😀



I saw my dear friend Sig posting about this #HappyJarProject and I got really curious. Then I saw her post about it and I got so many ideas that I had to start mine! 😛
Basically #HappyJarProject is a year long project where you gather tiny notes from everyday into a jar, box, book or twitter basically where ever you feel like and then after a year you take all of them out and read them! 🙂 Such a sweet idea! (You can read more about Sig’s HappyJar and her other awesome crafts in her blog, here)

Here is my HappyJar ^^ I’ll be also tweeting them under the #HappyJarProject tag so if you follow me on twitter you’ll see entry everyday 🙂


Liebster Award (part 3)

Few weeks ago lovely Jojo, from Admiring Azeroth, nominated me for the Liebster Award.
I wasn’t expecting any more nominations but I’m happy that I got bunch of questions to answer 🙂 So here are my answers to Jojo’s questions 🙂

Do you still play your first character? If not, why not and if you do, how much? Are they your main or just an alt…
– My first character was Warlock and I do play her time to time, but she is just an alt. I don’t dislike her but healing and tanking is more my thing now 🙂

What’s your opinion of the more monotonous side of WoW? Things like fishing, archaeology, rep grinds etc.
– Everyone is gonna think I’m crazy, but I love them. Gives something to do and relax on the same time (I’m counting out Emperor Shaohao reputation just so you know :D). I’ve fished the Dalaran coins and giant rat twice while I was changing main to my Druid. 😀

Which of the in-game races does the real life you best resemble?
– I think height wise I would be probably Dwarf 😀 But I think Worgen is more of my thing 🙂

What other games do you play?
– Oh the list! Ok let’s start with MMOs: Wildstar, Guild Wars 2, RIFT, AION (quite rarely). Then others: Sims, LEGO games, Mass Effect, Left for Dead 2 (just started :D), Dragon Age, Sherlock Holmes games etc etc 😛

Are you a gold-maker in-game?
– No I’m not 😀 I’m really horrible at making gold, but I do manage 🙂

Would you class yourself as a typical gamer?
– Depending what would be the typical gamer but yes, I would consider myself as a typical gamer, I do play a lot of games and follow new game releases and such 🙂

I play on a laptop which is slowly dying from all the WoW-time. What do you play on?
– I have PC and I’m slowly upgrading it part by part 🙂

What’s the best thing that’s happened to you as a result of blogging?
– I’ve gained so many people to talk to! I really love the gaming community <3

If all the WoW servers were merged, so EU and US could play together etc, would that affect the game for you? What would you do in celebration? Or could you not give two *beeps*.
– I would love that!! Some of the awesomest people are on US side.

We all have at-least one fun fact about us, what’s yours?
– Fun fact huh, hmmm.. I do use word “thingy/thingie” quite a lot 😛

If you could add a new profession to WoW what would it be? Primary or Secondary?
– Pet raising! as secondary! You would be able to raise your pets into mounts and then breed them and such! Would be so lovely! 🙂 (only certain types of course, like animals, robots etc ^^)

Super cool questions, thanks Jojo <3 🙂

Twitter Raid (part 39-42)

Twitter Raid (part 39-42)

Yes I’ve been really lazy with posting pictures from out FunRuns, but I noticed that on these weeks we did quite a lot the raids I’ve already gotten so many screenshots so there wasn’t that much “new” tho show to you :/ But instead I’m going to give the links to the FunRun movies that Chro has kindly filmed so you can see the runs in action instead 🙂

FunRunMovie 16.5.2014 (number 39)
FunRunMovie 23.5.2014 (number 40)
FunRunMovie 30.5.2014 (number 41)

I will add yesterday’s movie here too as soon our Gnome is done tinkering ^^
Yesterday we went to Ulduar as it was my last FridayRun for a while as some of you might know I’m taking little summer break from WoW 🙂
Companion of the evening was definitely the ever so cute Cinder Kitten <3uld uld3uld2

Twitter Raid (part 38)

Twitter Raid (part 38)

Last week’s FridayRun was one of the best ones in long time!! 😛
We went on BC raid rampage!!! Just for the giggles of it and because we can 😉
Yes almost every class can solo all the raids we did, but when you do them alone you don’t have the awesome company we provide on TS ;P Only BC raid we didn’t do was Sunwell so that is gonna be speed trough on next week before the other raid we’re gonna do 🙂
Here is video Chro made again! 🙂


Twitter Raid (part 36)

Last Friday we went to do some achievements from Firelands, didn’t manage to do all the missing ones (damn you Alysrazor and kneel to the flame achies!!)
I was jumping on and off on my Druid / Hunter because some achievements I already had and I really love the Hunter tier from Firelands, looks badass! 😛 So I kind of forgot to take cool screenshots from the trash etc since people were clearing them while I was logging back and forth.
As always our pink haired gnome recorded our fights so you can see it here!
Remember you can always contact me or Chro if you want to join on our runs, reminder tho that we’re not those runs that just loot and move to next boss. A lot of the time we do think tactics (yes it’s not always necessary) so having TeamSpeak is huge plus (so you don’t feel left out or just blinded since you don’t know what we’re planning – we do info people what to do etc but it’s more fun in TS let’s just say it like that ^^)