Notable People Of Each Classes

As some of you might have noticed I had a ‘theme’ while I was doing Lae’s (from World of Lae) Alt Appreciation challenge. I wrote about classes that you might know or you should know. I’ve been thinking a lot of adding it as a real theme for my blog and since it’s new year and all, here it is 🙂
Starting next week, I will be introducing a few people of importance to the current class of the week.

Samaramon’s Transmog challenge!

Some days ago I came across Samaramon’s transmog challenge. Challenge was to make a working transmog with Tabard of the Hand.
Rules were quite simple:

~ The tabard MUST be included. (I think this is implied, but you never know )
~ The set MUST be transmoggable. No full plate then cloth head, for example.
~ The items used MUST exist in-game! Please don’t use items that were either removed or their model is in the game files but doesn’t actually exist in-game.
~ Do NOT post incomplete sets! While things like wrists aren’t visible and can be excluded, please don’t send a set without shoulders or boots for example.
~ The weapons MUST correspond with the class! Please don’t send me a priest with a polearm.
~ You MUST attach a list of the items! If I love your idea and would want to transmog it, I’ll need the items!
~ Do NOT post someone elses idea. While similarities may occur, after all there are so many items in-game, please try to be original and don’t copy others.
~ Stick to the deadline! I won’t accept entries past my deadline, so don’t send. It wouldn’t be fair.

Also you were able to use MogIt addon, wowhead and wow modelviewer.
I got inspiration of my shaman who is Panda nowdays. I’ve had so much fun playing and I haven’t had that many Mail transmogs in my blog. I also actually have this tabard since I changed from Draenei to Panda ;P
So here is what I came up 🙂 (Left side is with the tabard ^.^ and it’s also obtainable for both Shamans and Hunters)

Items I used:

#ShamanWeek summary and transmog!

My Shaman week started really well, I did LFR on Monday and Tuesday and then again on Wednesday. I got my ilvl up to 495 (my weapon is keeping me back!!). Waiting Wednesday to be able to go again and maybe I’m able to go to SoO on next reset too! Also I wanted to introduce my current tmog and it looks like this!

Head: –
Shoulders: Spaulders of Quaking Fear
Chest: Valorous Earthshatter Hauberk
Wrists: –
Gloves: Tsunami Gloves (Just till I get Valorous Earhtshatter Handguards)
Belt: Abandoned Zandalari Waterchain
Leggings: Valorous Earthshatter Legguards
Feet: –
MainHand: Last Laugh
OffHand: Orb of Arcing Lightning

#ShamanWeek Notable Shamans

It’s the time of the alt appreciation week that I introduce you some known NPC in game.
This time I have Horde characters so Lok’tar ogar my friends! 🙂

Thrall (birthname Go’el)

Atleast some of you know that Thrall is my favourite character in WoW and I’ve waited #ShamanWeek to come so I can write more about him 😛 He was also the reason Why I got my For the Alliance achie and mount so late. I chose not to kill him, and when he he promoted Garrosh as the new Leader I was more than happy to go get my mount. 🙂
Hes father was Durotan who was the chieftain of the Frostwolf Clan. He is the former Warchief of the Horde.
After Lich Kings fall increased elemental unrest news from the Shattering Thrall had step down as leader of the Horde, and he appointed Garrosh Hellscream as Warchief.

Some trivia knowledge you might not know:

  • Thrall was going to be voiced by Clancy Brown in the unreleased game Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans. He is voiced by Chris Metzen (!! <3) in Warcraft III, World of Warcraft and their expansions.
  • At BlizzCon 2010, Chris Metzen claimed that Thrall and his wielding of the Doomhammer was inspired by Thor.
  • The Thrallmar outpost on the Hellfire Peninsula in Outland is named after the Warchief. It is the Horde’s staging area to recolonize the orcs’ former native planet. Although few individuals will remember their planet before it exploded (Drek’Thar, for example, told the Mok’Nathal Rexxar that he fought alongside other Mok’Nathal on Draenor), all orcs will be shocked to see the state in which it lies now.


One of my favourite factions is Frostwolf Clan, I remember farming the reputation on my Warlock to get the so awesome Horn of the Frostwolf Howler mount (which was my goal right after I learned I can get mounts and I can get WOLF mounts! <3)
Drek’Thar is the leader of the Frostwolf Clan, he is elite boss located in Frostwolf Keep in Alterac Valley. He also was Thrall’s tutor many years ago.

He’s been blind since birth, he had to prove his worth during the Horde’s dark period. He was also one of the first shaman.

“Stormpike filth! In my keep?! Slay them all!” – Drek’Thar

Magatha Grimtotem 

She is a level 62 quest giver located in Elder Rise in the tauren city of Thunder Bluff.
She is also leader of the Grimtotem Clan.
Magatha was the chief rival to High Chieftain Cairne Bloodhoof for the leadership of all Tauren. After engineering Cairne’s death and briefly taking control of Thunder Bluff, Magatha and her Grimtotem were defeated by Cairne’s son’s,Baine, army. She and everyone who chose to remain with her were exiled by the new High Chieftain Baine.

#ShamanWeek introduction

Today started whole new week of alt appreciation over at World of Lae. It’s Shaman week, my shaman has been with me since Wrath of the Lich King. Doing heroics back then as a resto shaman you were able to keep people alive with chain heal spam 😛 I liked that, but the change of the healing now is better. You can actually do more than hit one button 😀

I’ve always wanted a shaman (just because of the Ghost Wolf travel form :D), but leveling in classic and bc was total pain as resto (Yes she is only been Resto) so I gave up that idea, but in Wrath i put myself together and leveled one. I have now even tried playing as Elemental, not much of a fan. I like healing (as you may have noticed that almost all my hybrid classes are healer specced :D)

My Shaman is my “go to” class when I’m bored to my Druid and I don’t feel like leveling anything else. Sadly she is sitting at ilvl 493 at the moment, but on this week I’ll try to run more LFR with her to get hear gear up 🙂

I wish that there would be more choices with Mail transmog tho, finding something pretty and fitting is bit hard sometimes. But I love the shaman tier sets, they look down to earth and you can really see that it’s for Shamans.

Naming your characters

I think this could be nice add for Alt appreciation theme.
Everyone knows how difficult it is to find a free name you want to use preferable unique 😛
For myself I have to say that I’m not the most creative type, but I always try to find unique-ish name or just a different variation of something funny or something I like or just being boring and using food or dessert
So I thought that I share my character names with you again (Firstly I have listed them in my 30 days of World of Warcraft: Day 26 ) and tell how I came up with them 🙂

Rinike – 90 level Druid (my main)
 – This one I created when I was thinking to start this blog, I wanted something unique and it     is anagram of my middle name.
Éllih – 90 level Priest
– My nick name is Elli and I tried every different variations of it and ended up with this.
Shenyer – 90 level Shaman
 – I was able to be bit more creative and I was just pressing different letter combinations.          What I didn’t know that now when I googled it, it’s a last name 😀
Pizzelle – 90 level Hunter

– My Hunter is named after one of character in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, she has      3 cookies(2 of them are whole and one with bite taken out of) as a cutie mark 🙂
   It is also traditional Italian waffle (which I learned few days ago :P) singular is Pizzella
Kérmavaahto – 90 level Paladin

– This one is simply whipped cream in Finnish with apostrophe above e
Naldyn – 90 level Monk

– I came up with this name also by bashing my keyboard 😛
Smartíe – 86 level Mage

– I was eating smarties when I created my mage
Raritý – 70 level Rogue

– Rarity is one of the main ponies in My Little Pony
Pixié – 70 level Warrior

– I like fairies
Melune – 80 level Death Knight

– I was doodling names and different spellings in my head when I was creating her
Ríncewind – 90 level Warlock

– Every book lover must know where the name is from 😉 <3
   He is a really funny wizard in Discworld novels written by Terry Pratchett

Mantelí – 85 level Paladin
 – Almond in Finnish
Sacura – 82 level Hunter

– She is a character in Naruto and if it’s written with k instead of c it’s a cherry blossom tree
Mynia – 47 level Priest

– I don’t have any memories how I came up with this name, but probably doodling with    different combinations again. The name was firstly on my main other priest (alliance) and I   sometimes like to use them again in another server.
Chíli – 55 level Druid

– It’s a spicy fruit 😛

My Warlock was named as Darna (she was my first ever char), and as again I was hitting buttons and came up with that and afterwards I noticed the similarity with Darnassus 😛 (at start I didn’t even know about the awesome Elf city <3
Hope you enjoyed my babble again ^^

Day 26 of 30 day World of Warcraft challenge

List your characters and their levels?

So here we go 🙂

Frostmane EU Alliance
Rinike – 90 level Druid (my main)

Éllih – 90 level Priest
Shenyer – 90 level Shaman
Pizzelle – 90 level Hunter
Kérmavaahto – 90 level Paladin
Naldyn – 90 level Monk

Smartíe – 86 level Mage
Raritý – 70 level Rogue
Pixié – 70 level Warrior
Melune – 65 level Death Knight

Ríncewind – 90 level Warlock (Just had to name her that. Discworld <3)

Stormreaver EU Horde
Mantelí – 85 level Paladin
Sacura – 82 level Hunter
Mynia – 47 level Priest
Chíli – 55 level Druid

Yes, ALToholic and proud of it 😀

Frost Witch

I’m using Tier 10 on my Shaman, it’s called Frost Witch.
I really like this set, it’s not over the top with all the blingy things, the green dots are really nice details. It also looks really shamanistic, it’s my favourite shaman set so far.
I have a thing for eyepatches so I’m using it instead of the normal set helm, also I’m not fan of big belts so I chose smaller matching one. It’s rather easy to get, the pieces costs Justice Points. Main reason why I’m using the axe is the name, and it kinda fits for the whole theme also the big bulls head on a shield is so amazing.

HeadMalefactor’s Eyepatch
ShouldersFrost Witch’s Spaulders
ChestFrost Witch’s Tunic
Wrists: Any tiny one will do
GlovesFrost Witch’s Handguards
BeltLord’s Girdle
LeggingsFrost Witch’s Legguards
Feet: With robes I don’t use any mogs
Main HandNighttime
Off HandProtector of Frigid Souls