#WoWScreenshotADay 24-30

#WoWScreenshotADay 24-30

I finally pulled myself up and took the missing screenshots (was half way done anyway)
So here are my last bunch of WoWScreenshotADay pictures πŸ™‚
And since my ankle is being a pain in the butt most of the time I won’t take part on the ongoing screenshot month, but you should check Tycertank’s website πŸ™‚

Day 24 The music in Shrine is bit Loud

Day 25 Angle

Day 26 Best mount and best Druid tear πŸ™‚

Day 27 Time for Celebration, I got my second legendary cloak!

Day 28 Celestial Tournament is probably one game I won’t finish :/

Day 29 I wish I could buy this robe!

Day 30 Where I’m from there are a lot of son in the winter
Where Im From

#WoWScreenshotADay 15-23

#WoWScreenshotADay 15-23

I was suppose to do this post during last Sunday but my ankle was being a bitch so here we go πŸ™‚

Remember to kill one Celestial boss weekly for a chance to get nice loot!
I don’t like… questing in Jade Forest anymore. I’ve done it so many times.
This Night Elf have used the key staff in his/hers transmog
The poles seem to be bit uneven
New beginning
My fave word is Elliphant (nickname is elli and I like elephants, funny yeah ;D) so here is picture of Elekk
In the Golden Lantern you get your fish nice and crispy
Meeting stone is almost shaped like a triangle

Catch Up Post – September

Catch Up Post – September
How I currently look! See my amazing art skills in Photoshop xD

Hey and nice start of Autumn!

If you follow me on Twitter or I have you on Facebook you may have noticed that I managed to broke my ankle week ago. It’s luckily the smaller calf bone, fibula, and not the big one. Doctor said it looked nice so he was quite optimistic with it’s healing. Β Next Tuesday I’ll go get new x-rays and see how it has healed and then the doctor will decide whether I need surgery or not. (Really hope not!!)

This is gonna affect a little bit on my blogging as, at least at the moment, I can’t really sit by my computer for too long. I’m gonna try to do blog posts every now and then tho. Sorry advance for the quality of some screenshots! If I can’t sit by my PC, I use my boyfriends old laptop to have at least bit gaming in my life and it’s a bit outdated πŸ˜€ Luckily I have my 3DS, Netflix and Cunchyroll to keep me busy πŸ™‚

Since I have so much free time now I’m planning to do a makeover for my blog, change header, colours, fonts and stuff. Nothing too much but just to have a little change πŸ˜›

Also big thanks to everyone who have have cheered me up Β and wished get well and such <3 It really means a lot!!

Return of the #WoWscreenshotADay !!

Return of the #WoWscreenshotADay !!

Some of you who have followed my blog from start know that I took part on #WoWscreenshotADay challenge for many months. Challenge’s “mom” Tycer just announced few days ago that she will blow some life for the challenge again! It will start on September and I’m going to do one post per week, as I think I wouldn’t be able to post everyday as I might be tired after work or something else might come up so it’s safest to do week’s post on Sunday afternoon πŸ™‚

Here is awesome badge for us who will participate (You can find more info from Tycer’s blog)
Wowscreenshotand here are the “themes” for each day πŸ™‚