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November and #IntPiPoMo 2015

November is here. “yay”. It means that Halloween is over and it’s time for Christmas :G I am not really fan of Christmas and I hate when people start stuffing it in your face earliest in September >_< mrgh.. But enough of that, there is one nice tradition in November I’ve been doing for the… Read More November and #IntPiPoMo 2015


Refinding RIFT again

Lately I’ve seen some of my Twitter friends joining and enjoying RIFT so I thought I should start too. (You can see my old RIFT post here) I also noticed that I accidentally created second account for my RIFT last time, and I remembered the old account I had (which had all kind of stuff… Read More Refinding RIFT again



Many of you might know game called Rift. I tried Rift when it wasn’t Free to play, I did liked it a lot back then but I didn’t know anyone who played it. Now I knew that @MissMurloc plays it, so I invited myself to play on the same realm (thank you