Book Confessions

It’s been quite some time when I saw this post over at Jaedia’s blog.  And as a bookworm I asked that if I could steal it to my blog and do it at some point. I’ve wanted to do it for some time now but always been too ‘busy’ to do something else 😛
But here it goes 🙂

1. I remember that I started Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban some time ago.
2. My guilty pleasure would be Sweet Valley High books 😛
3. I’m gonna say Fifty Shades of Grey, I just can’t get myself to read it. I started reading it and I still haven’t got past page 20.
4. Twilight books only the ones that has covers from the movie not the originals. (I haven’t read them but I bet the books are better than the movies with Kristen Stewart.)
5. I think it is Little Prince, I used to read it over and over as a kid.
6. I would hate to receive a book I already have or a cook/hobby book. I’m really picky with my books and I usually want to buy my own books (unless I have given hints which I want :P) just to get the print I want etc 😛
7. The Complete Illustrated Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm that book is my treasure and my bible I just love it and the ‘real’ stories and not the ones that have been modified for kids ;D
8. I don’t remember being angry when reading. It always helps me relax so can’t really say anything for this 😀
9. So far it’s been P.S I love you
10. I don’t have anything for this either, just prefer some covers more than others. Some designs are just better than others. For example I like Harry Potter book covers more than the Finnish designs but I still have the Finnish ones because I grew up with them 🙂

Making your own runes

 As you might know I’m huge fan of Norse mythology and for a long time I’ve wanted to have my own runes. Few days ago I finally made it happen, I bought clay (actually my awesome BF bought it but anyhoo), some colours and then I made it happen! I really like how they turned out 🙂 You can read more about the runes and their meanings here.

I used air-dry clay called Hobby Clay 

Waiting them to be dry enough so I can paint them!

Finally ready! they are not as dark as it shows in the picture.

Close up to show the actual colour 🙂

100th post!

When I started blogging almost 2 months ago I wasn’t sure if could keep up posting and getting new ideas and stuff. But now, my head is full of ideas and I’m continuing with the #WoWscreenshotaday on next month too.
I love taking pictures in and out of WoW and I like to share them too. Make people smile and stuff 🙂

One of the reasons why I started this blog was to kind of do it for me, like diary but from WoW what I do, what I have done, what I would like to etc etc.
First I struggled with the writing, well because I’ve never been that good at writing and second of all I’m writing in English which isn’t my native language.
But I think I have done good so far and writing is getting easier post by post 🙂
First when I started with the 3o day World of Warcraft challenge it was to get me get the “hang” of posting and it sure helped. Now it feels really weird if I haven’t posted anything so I think I’ll keep lurking around and making posts 😀

I’m trying to start posting more about transmogs (since duh that is why I also started this one and so far I have posted only few :P). Also you can leave any suggestion or ideas or anything and comments are always welcome!
Thank you for bearing with me so far and I hope I get to have blogiversary and many more posts!
Took this picture while writing this and yes I know it is bit cheeky but wanted to add (with my ‘awesome’ photoshop skills ;D) the 100th post “theme” somehow in it 😀

the Clockwork Carnival giveaway

Some time ago I participated to this Clockwork Carnival, organized by Hannah and she got some help from CiskaEllie and Hanna (go go check them out!)
It was all about Steampunk, books, clothes, jewellery, you name it.
Steampunk in general have been interest of mine for some time, so this was awesome opportunity to get to know more about this genre and get some new book ideas too.
So then they had a giveaway, funded by Ellie of Curiosity Killed the Bookworm, and I thought that why not to try it out 🙂
Today I got an email from Ellie saying that I won the grand prize of the giveaway, which is steampunk book of my choice from The Book Depository value 15£ ^_^
Needless to say I was really amazed by my win and I still can’t believe that I won. (I have never won anything!) I’m so happy!! 🙂
My book choice was Steampunk: H.G. Wells, can’t wait to get my hands on it! 🙂

Thank you so much for Hannah to start this Carnival, I hope there is something next year too! 🙂

#WoWscreenshotaday DAY 8 (August)

Todays theme is “peek-a-boo” and I have to say my inner Whovian woke up on this one, for the ones who don’t know about the Weeping Angels in Doctor Who you can read about them here. But shortly they are ancient race, they feed by sending people back in time which creates time energy for them. When they are not being observed by another being, they can move very quickly and silently, but when they are being observed, they become “quantum-locked”, occupying a single position in space and becoming stone.
Warning from Doctor in episode “Blink”:

“Don’t blink.
Blink and you’re dead.
Don’t turn your back.
Don’t look away.
And don’t blink.
Good Luck.”

I could have chosen any statue for this one, but since I like Sylvanas a lot I chose her.
So here is my entry for this day:
These statues seriously scare the shit out of me, in real life I can’t look the statues thanks to Steven Moffat who created them. Oh and one more thing, did I remember to add that anything with the image of the Angel, such as pictures or film, also gained the abilities of an Angel and would eventually become an Angel.
Hope you liked my entry for today 🙂


Wanted to make bit different post today, crossing real life and wow.
My day today haven’t been the best, my head hurts for the second day a row because of this thundery weather, the always so ‘lovely’ time of the month and being yelled at in game for not ressing some lazy ass people who didn’t run in when they died at boss.
But then came the mail, and there was a parcel for me. (I’m waiting my awesome Targaryen bag from Etsy but this was smaller one.) I was like O_O

I saw one of my friends name as a sender and I got even more curious about it.
I opened it and there was DVD case inside and title of it said:
“Elli’s super fun disc of unexplained mysteries and unknown possibilities of awesomeness!” 
(You can imagine my curious level rising at this point)
So I opened the DVD there was video file, I played it AND *drumms*
it was my Sonata Arctica’s Fullmoon (my favourite song from my favourite band!! <3) live record from their latest gig in Finland!!!

Couldn’t help the tears I was so touched!

We’ve been friends for bit over three years now (it actually feels a lot longer) We met in WoW when he joined to same guild I was in. He is the kind of person that even how bad your day is he can always make it better!
So this one is to one of my best friends, the best Dwarf in World of Warcraft!!!

Also speaking of best friends I get my other best friend
here on Monday. Can’t wait her to get here <3 :)

Borås Zoo

Today we went to Borås Zoo and the animals there were so amazing! (Like animals usually are,duh!! ^^) Thought I share some here too.
We had really nice timing at tigers, they started feeding them so got some really really really nice pictures. (I love tigers and wolves <3)

Treasure hunt

Even tho the name is bit misleading, this post isn’t related to WoW.
So we had laundry booked for today and when we went to the laundry room, I noticed that there as a note signed for me:


Boyfriend has a really bad poker face so I knew he had something to do with this 😀
So out we went, short searching outside the laundry room led us to this clue:



Ok at this point I got bit excited already. But no, it was another clue to go search nearby mailbox 😀 When I looked inside the mailbox I found this:



So hurried back home to find the map!! And treasure it indeed was!!



I’m really lucky girl to have a boyfriend like him