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New book!!

Sometime ago I wrote about how I participated in Clockwork Carnival and I won the grand prize. I chose Steampunk: H.G. Wells and here it is ! 🙂 It arrived today in mail *yay* 🙂 Big thanks again to Hannah from Once Upon a Time and Ellie from Curiosity Killed the Bookworm 

books, clockwork carnival, reading, real life, twitter

the Clockwork Carnival giveaway

Some time ago I participated to this Clockwork Carnival, organized by Hannah and she got some help from Ciska, Ellie and Hanna (go go check them out!)It was all about Steampunk, books, clothes, jewellery, you name it.Steampunk in general have been interest of mine for some time, so this was awesome opportunity to get to know more about this genre and get some new book… Read More the Clockwork Carnival giveaway

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Wanted to make bit different post today, crossing real life and wow.My day today haven’t been the best, my head hurts for the second day a row because of this thundery weather, the always so ‘lovely’ time of the month and being yelled at in game for not ressing some lazy ass people who didn’t… Read More Friends

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Borås Zoo

Today we went to Borås Zoo and the animals there were so amazing! (Like animals usually are,duh!! ^^) Thought I share some here too.We had really nice timing at tigers, they started feeding them so got some really really really nice pictures. (I love tigers and wolves

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Treasure hunt

Even tho the name is bit misleading, this post isn’t related to WoW. So we had laundry booked for today and when we went to the laundry room, I noticed that there as a note signed for me: Boyfriend has a really bad poker face so I knew he had something to do with this 😀 So out… Read More Treasure hunt