What’s in my bag?

At the start of this month I saw funky post by Jessica from The Pyreflies.
As the title says the post was about what was in her bag!
As soon as I read it I wanted to do the same but sadly didn’t have time.
But now I have taken pictures what I had in my bag today when I came home!
I didn’t clean the bag or didn’t leave anything out. 🙂

Here is my awesome Alliance Druid bag <3

 and here is what it has eaten!

So much stuff! (also my phone is in my bag but had to take the picture so :D)
My keys and my newest book I got today.
wet wipes, tissues, empty natural energy drink bottle (black tea etc), my catbus wallet, PainKillers-box which has 2 painkillers (duh :D) and my lactose intolerant pills, my Nintendo 3DS
Yesterday’s ticket to Universeum, 5 Swedish kronor, my bus pass and papers to be able to pick up my Swedish ID.

Catch up post – July

Hi all!!
I know it’s been quite some time since I made my last blog post.
A lot of have happened on the past few weeks so haven’t had that much time to sit by the computer! 🙂
First of all they called from work that if I would be able to work few weeks \o/ yay! Which is super awesome as I really love the job. What I do? Big medical companies ask us to be the neutral facet (I really hope I used this word in right place :D) and gather information from Doctors who use their products in certain diseases, for example COPD, psoriasis or bipolar disorder. So basically what I do is that I call to Finnish (we have a lot of people around the world) doctors and ask if they have time to do minor survey/questionnaire by phone or in internet. Then we ‘code’ the information and send it back to the company who ordered the survey 🙂 I also do some translating from English to Finnish, sometimes the client has changed some questions so I need to translate them. Which is quite fun as you get to know more about all the diseases and how to treat them (as I need to do some googling to get the translations right etc.)

Then just as our friend from Netherlands came to visit us and he brought some awesome goodies!!














Few days after one of my bestest (yes I know it’s not a word :D) friend from Finland came to visit us for the first time!! 🙂

We did lots of walking, we went to visit our pretty botanical garden, Universeum and rollerskating (haven’t done that in years!) and we found our new hobby thanks to him! Frisbee golf!! It’s so much fun!!

IMG_20140720_141255 IMG_20140721_145013



You can find more pictures from my Instagram 🙂

Gaming wise I haven’t been able to do much. I bought my very first hand held console, Nintendo 3DS Yoshi edition, right before Rick came here and I pretty much spend all my free time between work and sleep with that glued to my hands 😀
I currently have 3 games only: Hakuoki: Memories of the Shinsengumi (I absolutely love this!! thanks to SushiGeisha for talking so much about Hakuouki: Simple School Life, which is sadly only for PS Vita.), Animal Crossing: New Leaf (wanted to see what was all the fuss about it!! 😀 such a nice game) and then my recent game Pokemon X 😛



Also as everyone knows Steams summer sales were up so I managed to snatch some new games, now just need to divide my time between my DS and PC 😀


I saw my dear friend Sig posting about this #HappyJarProject and I got really curious. Then I saw her post about it and I got so many ideas that I had to start mine! 😛
Basically #HappyJarProject is a year long project where you gather tiny notes from everyday into a jar, box, book or twitter basically where ever you feel like and then after a year you take all of them out and read them! 🙂 Such a sweet idea! (You can read more about Sig’s HappyJar and her other awesome crafts in her blog, here)

Here is my HappyJar ^^ I’ll be also tweeting them under the #HappyJarProject tag so if you follow me on twitter you’ll see entry everyday 🙂


Lucky No. 14 challenge – Freebies Time

Freebies Time: What’s the LAST free book you’ve got? Whether it’s from give away, a birthday gift or a surprise from someone special, don’t hold back any longer. Open the book and start reading it now :D

I got Christie Golden’s War Crimes from my friend. *spoiler free*
That was actually my first ever Warcraft book I read, even tho I really love all lore related to Warcraft, and it was gooooood! It was really simple and easy to read, which I like. I think all together it took me around 7-9 hours to finish the book 🙂
I got quite inspired and now I’m on my way to read all the Warcraft novels that are published so far 🙂


It is not one of those action filled lore books so I can’t recommend it for people who seek lot of action and killing etc. I like both, I like lore based slow going books and then books where are lots of action going on and everything happens fast etc. Same with movies.

The book is based on end of Mists of Pandaria expansion and what happens before Warlords of Draenor, so unless you’re up to date what happens in Pandaria I suggest you read up a little lore before hand 🙂

It gives reader a closer look on what happens in Garrosh’s trial and how he answers to the charges. I like the idea of trial and it gives opportunity to everyone speak up.
However the book doesn’t focus as much on Garrosh as it focuses on the people around him.

Lucky No. 14 Reading challenge – Blame it on Bloggers

I wrote a post about Lucky No. 14 Reading challenge on January and I almost forgot it completely! Then sometime before my birthday I read Ellie’s, from Curiosity Killed the Bookworm, review of ‘A Natural History of Dragons – A memoir by Lady Trent’  and I knew I had to have this book. I kept hinting about it to my boyfriend that I must have this book!! and on my birthday I got it!!
I started reading it and then I just couldn’t stop, I read it while taking bus to (and back from) work, I read it right before bed and even while walking from bus stop to home!

The book is so well written that it was really easy to ready, since English isn’t my main language I sometimes struggle with English books when they’re written with complicated words I have to look from dictionary or the writing itself is heavy.


The book is a start of a fantasy novel series, written by Marie Brennan.
Book is written as a memoir, starring Lady Trent herself. It’s about her passion towards dragons, and the curiosity to study them scientifically to learn from them and tell more about these amazing creatures. It also takes place in a Victorian age where, as a 19 year old girl, passion towards something like this would be considered as socially incorrect.

It covers dragons, smugglers, romance, adventures and science what else do you need from a book? I have to say it’s one of my favourite books now and I can’t wait to get my hands on the sequel, The Tropic of Serpents!

Göteborgs Botaniska trädgård

Few weeks ago they opened Gothenburg’s botanical garden and this years theme is Japanese 🙂
The whole garden is so pretty! Yesterday me and my BF spent nice Sunday afternoon together just walking around and taking pretty pictures 😛
I love really colourful flowers and rock stairs (as you might notice).
Sadly this year they didn’t have their waterfall on yet, but you can see it on my last years post! ^^
I took little bit over 30 pictures and couldn’t choose which ones to pic for blog so I’m just gonna post all of them! Enjoy!! 🙂 (Also I’ve took all the pictures with my phone, Nexus 5 ^^ I love it <3)

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