Notable Priest

Archbishop BenedictusArchbishop_Benedictus_TCG

He was the former leader of the Church of the Holy Light and later on he was revealed as the Twilight Prophet of the Twilight’s Hammer cult (This was after the death of Cho’gall). He was high-ranking lieutenant of Deathwing and the Old Gods, and aided them in their efforts to destroy all life on Azeroth.

When he was younger he was a student of Lordaeron’s religious leader, Archbishop Alonsus Faol. He spent many years learning from his devoted master and helped the Church of Light construct its most striking monument, the Cathedral in Stormwind. He was slain at Wyrmrest Temple by Thrall and his allies.

Archbishop Alonsus Faol200px-AlonsusTCG

 He was the head of Holy Order of Northshire Clerics prior to the First War between humans and orcs.
According to some sources he fled with surviving citizens of Stormwind to Lordaeron. Other sources tell that he was already in Lordaeron during the First War and only learned about the destruction of Northshire Abey when he spoke with Lord Lothar. He met Uther while he was just a bishop.

In warcraft novels they’ve wrote that Alonsus was deeply troubled by the loss of the abbey and by the terrible attrition his clerics suffered in that conflict. Aided by his apprentice, Uther Lightbringer, Faol created the Knights of the Silver Hand and equipped the followers of the Holy Light with the armaments of war.
Alonsus Chapel, in Stratholme, was the site where he nominated Uther as the first of the paladins.

Back to the nature transmog for my Priest

I’m sometimes rather lazy with my transmogs and I get bored to some of my transmogs on some characters really easily (my Priest is one of them). So few days ago I was thinking I want something new but I can’t be arsed to farm anything 😛 So I went trough my Void Storage which is full of robes (except few weapons). I found Stonecloth Robe, I absolutely adore this dress, I like how simple and yet sexy it is 🙂 so I started looking around my other stuff I have and tried to find matching items and I think it worked out pretty well with the items I had to work with 🙂

Items used:

StoneclothRobe StoneclothRobe2Shoulders: Crafted Dreadful Gladiator’s Mooncloth Mantle
Chest: Stonecloth Robe
Gloves: Handwraps of the Ternion Glory
Belt: Ruthless Gladiator’s Cord of Accuracy
Weapon: Giorgio’s Caduceus of Pure Moods

Notable People Of Each Classes

As some of you might have noticed I had a ‘theme’ while I was doing Lae’s (from World of Lae) Alt Appreciation challenge. I wrote about classes that you might know or you should know. I’ve been thinking a lot of adding it as a real theme for my blog and since it’s new year and all, here it is 🙂
Starting next week, I will be introducing a few people of importance to the current class of the week.

#PriestWeek summary

Yes it’s day late, but had flex raid yesterday so it kinda messed up my blogging plans 😀
I didn’t really have that much time to play my Priest, but I did manage to get her Shadow gear (missing rings and neck). I was also able to get some items from LFR for Disc spec.
I had awesome week and stay tuned for my Rogue post’s for this weeks #RogueWeek 🙂

#PriestWeek notable Priests

This thing has become a theme of my weekly class posts so this week I’ll introduce you to some of the famous Priests we have in our game 🙂

Anduin Wrynn

Crown Prince Anduin Llane Wrynn, he is the heir to the throne of Stormwind. He was given the crown at the age of 10, to maintain order, when his father, King Varian Wrynn, disappeared en route to a diplomatic conference at Theramore Isle.

It says in World of Warcraft manual:

“King Anduin is as wise a ruler as any ten-year-old has a right to be. Recently his father, King Varian Wrynn, went missing under suspicious circumstances while en route to a diplomatic summit at Theramore Isle. At the behest of the royal councilor, Lady Prestor, young Anduin was given the crown so that order could be preserved within the kingdom of Stormwind. Though few citizens are aware that their true king has been missing for so long, Anduin does the best he can to allay their fears. It is widely held that the boy will grow to become a shrewd leader one day.”

 Prophet Velen

He is the leader of Draenei people, he’s been their leader since their flight from Argus. He’s been granted the gift of Sight, and has guided his people as they fled from the Burning Legion. He is one of the first among the Draenei and is the arch-nemesis (formely best friend) of Kil’jaeden.

Trivia (just because Babylon 5 is so awesome!): 
The name Velen may be related to a character from the sci-fi television series, Babylon 5: Valen. Several general details between the two characters seem similar. Valen appeared aboard a starship seemingly out of nowhere to aid the Minbari in their war against the chaotic Shadows, much as Velen and the draenei crashed on Azeroth just in time to help fight the Burning Legion. Both seem to posses some method of prophecy, and both have contact with a higher race of beings of light, Velen the Naaru, Valen the Vorlons.

Tyrande Whisperwind (pronounced Ti-Ran-Da)

She is the leader of the Night Elves and chosen High Priestess of the Goddess Elune, she is also former general of the Night Elf Sentinels and the current head of Sisterhood of Elune. Together with her mate, the Archdruid Malfurion Stormrage, she has represented the highest leadership of the night elves since the fall of Queen Azshara.

Tyrande bolstered her forces by freeing a number of prisoners when she went to free Illidan, including a wolf named Loki.

She was also the last classic racial leader to receive either new armor or a unique model.

#PriestWeek transmog

On this #PriestWeek I want to introduce one of my first mogs for my Priest. I found it in a mmo-champion forums so I don’t claim to be brains behind this 😀 But it looks awesome, simple and yet interesting. Since Halloween is coming it can also be nurse transmog 😀 I also added some matching pets and mounts for you to check out  🙂

Head: White Bandit Mask
Shoulders: Aurora Mantle
Chest: Aurora Robe
Wrists: –

Gloves: Bloody Surgeons Mitts
Belt: Beach Party Thong
Leggings: –
Feet: –
MainHand: Diamond Core Sledgemace
OffHand: Lordaeron Medical Guide


(White Tickbird Hatchling)


And my favourite Silver Covenant Hippogryph

#PriestWeek introduction

Another week of Lae’s alt appreciation week. This week is dedicated for Priests!
I do indeed have a priest, actually 3 of them! 🙂 I love playing priest, I do healing mostly and sometimes I give up for my Shadow side and go pew pew with my healing gear 😛

Firstly I’m gonna introduce you to my highest Priest, Éllih, she is level 90 and she’s been with me a long time, I started her as a “get away” – card from Horde side. It was nice to play on a different side, different realm all alone 🙂 And needless to say that was the breaking point for me to cross over to the ‘better’ side. She started as a shy Night Elf, with looooong hair and it was moss green 😀 then (thank god) we got new hairstyles! 😛 I made her my main and did all the achievements with her, and in Wrath she was the one who was adventuring with me trough Ulduar <3 She was the first character I made the Loremaster (without any achievement helpers like nowdays, back then it was actually hard to get). I got my Giant Sewer Rat with her while I was fishing and waiting raid invites to start. Needless to say I love her so very much, and her void storage is full of so many beautiful robes I collected while I was leveling her (before void storage my bank was full with robes and few weapons :D) For some weird reason I wanted to try her as a Gnome and when that didn’t work I changed her to be Draenei and as you may have noticed I love Draeneis <3 Here are some old pictures of her :)

This is only old picture I have left of her
(lost loads of my pictures when I forgot to save them
when I formatted my comp back in a day.)

This is how she looks now 😛 With my ‘slutty pirate’ costume on ;D

My second priest is Horde, she is level 47. She was born when I was bit bored of Alliance and wanted some change, I got to level 47 and went back 😀 But here she is 🙂

I also have level 5 Priest on Horde side, I started her with my boyfriend, whom we are going to level when we don’t have anything else to do (needless to say it was before the new patch ;D)

Pirate’s day event

Dread Corsair buff

 I think it was around a week ago when @MrandMrsWoW asked that if I would be interested having fun at Pirates Day and I sure was, I like having different kinds of events with other people. 🙂 Masterminds behind all this was @GPBatinna and @GPSicarios big thanks!
I had awesome time and it was good timing for @GPBatinna’s dress up challenge theme which was #dressPirate! You can see my pirate costume here 🙂
I took a lot screenies and thought I should share them with all of you! 🙂

Pink Dragon!!
Two perky pugs hugging <3 :P Also my Crackers has really creepy stare.

DressUp! #dressPirate

Yarr! Next theme for @GPBatinna‘s DressUp challenge is Pirate, and for lucky me I already made my “slutty pirate” when they released transmog! I have a thing for Draeneis so this outfit worked out amazingly good on my Draenei Priest 🙂 Enjoy!

As always @GPBatinna made video of all the entrys, you can see the video on her blog! 🙂

Items used:
Head: Mirren’s Drinking Hat
Shoulders: Furious Gladiator’s Mooncloth Mantle
Chest: Corsair’s Overshirt

Wrists: –
Gloves: Heavy Linen Gloves
Belt: Ruthless Gladiator’s Cord of Accuracy
Leggings: Cindercloth Pants
Feet: Boots of Prophecy (Priest only, but if you are Draenei the set is fine with some pair of sandals that don’t have in game look :P)
Weapon: –

Sometimes it gets hot outside and you need something to prevent sunstroke

 Also like all good pirates I have my loyal companion, crackers <3