WoD pre-order, Hearthstone release and awesome commission art!

This week has been awesome so far! Monday Blizzard added pre-order option for Warlords of Draenor (expected game release: Autumn 2014!!!!!!!). You can choose from Digital Standard edition (45e) or Digital Deluxe edition (60e). With both edition you get free 90 boost BUT you only get it if you pre-order it. You also get the boost if you pre-order the physical copy of the expansion, but then you would have to wait with the boost (it would be amazing to have, but I wanted my boost now :D)
In Digital Deluxe you get cool Dread Raven mount and Dread Hatchling pet (and some stuff for StarCraft II and Diablo III). That Deluxe edition was the obvious choice for me and my bf 😛 It’s like cmon, the mount is like Anzu  in steroids ;D


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Twitter raid (part 15)

So it was time again for our this weeks FridayFunORama. It’s always nice to have something waiting you at the end of the week, something fun 🙂 This time we had only @Chromeeh_Gnome’s stream live because me and BF had some problem with out internet at it was being extremely laggy :/ But this weeks destination was to go Blackwing Descent and afterwards Bastion of Twilight and if we had enough people still to go to Throne of the Four Winds 🙂 The trip was really successful and we had lots of giggles in TeamSpeak 🙂
As usual I’ve been tanking these lately so there isn’t as much pictures but here are some good ones I managed to take 🙂
As always @Chromeeh_Gnome made video of the whole thing, you can see it here,
(pay extra attention to the elevator boss!! :D)

Someone woke up in a bad mood :G
Mammoth balette !!
Best game ever: Portal Roulette!!

  Also afterwards @AdmiringAzeroth whispered me saying that she has a gift for me. My face was like ” O_O wut!?” I made tiny alt on her server and she had my present all wrapped up with nice red ribbon! I opened it and found harmonious porcupette inside it !! I was so happy (since my reputation with Emperor Shaohao is neutral at the moment :D)
We also had meeting with @RowettSS who didn’t have his enchanted broom on our last FridayRun and couldn’t help us clean up 😉 

photogenic KITTY photo-bombed my pic! 😀 <3
Big thank you for all who came this time and hope to see you next time also! 🙂 Luv you all <3

Isle of Giants

It’s been a while since they introduced Isle of Giants and yesterday I finally got my Hunter to go there and farm Ancient Tome of Dinomancy to get my dino pet!
I did some killing and I think it was around 25 mins I got it.

My dino family is whole now. I have Daddy Tops who allows me to use him as a mount. I have Cera (the pet battle pet :P) and now Tria as my pet!
(For those who don’t know the names before, they are from a movie series called Land before Time. Tria being Cera’s stepmom in that movie and Daddy Tops is her father :P)

Today I decided that I should go back and try to farm rest of the tiny raptor pets you get from the Dinomancers. And including yesterday’s farm it was total 3h 25mins and I had 9 pets. 1x Zandalari Anklerender, 2x Zandalari Footslasher, 1x Zandalari Kneebiter, 4x Zandalari Toenibbler and 1x Direhorn Runt.





I also was able to open my first Primal Egg 2 days ago! I got it from LFR.
I got Reins of the Red Primal Raptor 🙂

Tree school for Withers

I thought few days ago to make a funny picture with my Druid in tree form using Force of Nature to kind of show of for my tiny tree apprentice Withers.

Well since that he wanted to know more about healing and our healing spells.
Today I had some time to show them to him and this is the result 🙂
Tree train! 😛

You also need to remember to put down your Wild Mushroom
And if things get tough you can use your Barkskin to protect yourself

Hunter pets – Loque’nahak

I’ve been hunting rare pets since I started my Hunter, and this little bugger been the most difficult so far. Loque’Nahak is rare cat in Sholazar Basin. Been hunting him/her (haven’t figured out name just yet :D) on and off since Wrath and 3 weeks ago I got this amazing idea that I should start collecting more rare pets, so far for 3 weeks I haven’t done anything else than trying to remember to logon on my Hunter every starting hour to check if he/she is up.
And today I managed to remember to do it 3 times in a row and I’m quite happy with the result! 🙂