Pet Battles (part 3)

Few days ago I got new pet to join to my pet battle on my side, Mr. Bigglesworth <3.
I did some Auction House farming and finally got missing pets from my Raiding with Leashes achievement.

Today we were talking about the newish pet in Blizzard Store, Blossoming Ancient, a cute tree that changes colour of it’s leaves depending what season it is. And when I said I don’t have that pet yet, boyfriend bought it for me, I think I’m bit spoiled maybe ;D <3
So at the moment I’m missing only three pets from the store, Lil’ XT, Lil’ Ragnaros and Soul of the Aspects. Total 479 pets according to armory 🙂

Pet Battles (part 2)

So I’ve been doing Pet Battles a lot in these past 4ish days now. And was able to get first
That’s a Lot of Pet Food achievement, reward was Venus (Yes really pretty isn’t it).

And finally after bit farming World Safari achievement rewarded title “Zookeeper”. In total I have 445 unique pets 🙂

The achievement itself wasn’t that bad to farm, only 2 pets caused me some serious farming

Minfernal and Unborn Val’kyr (with both I was extremely lucky). Now I need to start farming upgrades for my “Poor” and “Common” pets. According to Warcraftpets at the moment I have 10.3% “Poor” ones and 9% “Common” ones, so I’m guessing it shouldn’t be that hard to up them to at least “Uncommon”.
Tho I might start leveling my alts again, still missing rogue (level 70), warrior (level 70), mage (level 80), Death Knight (level 65) and Warlock (level 88). But let’s see 🙂

Also while I was doing these pet battles I came across this elite goat mob, called Zhing, in Kun-Lai Summit.
It dropped funny item for me, slight disappointment was that the “mount” lasted only for 20 seconds.

Pet Battles

Past few days I’ve been doing Pet Battles and some old raids, but mainly Pet Battles. I’ve been checking time to time (well the whole yesterday ;D) for Unborn Val’kyr. It’s my second favourite pet at the moment. And just like few minutes ago I caught her! I named her “Castiel” just because I love Supernatural 😉

 So far I’ve got these achies, I’m 2 pet away to get Kalimdor Safari, Qiraji Guardling and Mindernal. Getting the Guardling soon, but need some farming on the Minfernal 🙂