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#PaladinWeek transmog

When I was planning my Paladins transmog it was really clear to me that I wanted to go with¬†Judgement set¬†(which is tier 2 for Paladins). But when¬†Patch 4.3¬†went live with transmogrification I was bit¬†disappointed¬†since every Paladin I saw was using it. So I wanted to be bit different. I downloaded addon called MogIt (one of… Read More #PaladinWeek transmog

#paladinweek, alt appreciation, paladin


Fresh week of alt appreciation again, this time it’s #PaladinWeek. I have two Paladins, both Protection specced. I’ve only ever played my Paladin as a Protection due my dislike of Paladin healing and Retribution because it’s melee. My Paladin was actually my first melee class and Protection felt like spec for me after tanking with… Read More #PaladinWeek