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Notable Paladin

Sorry for delaying this post few weeks, first I was sick and then I just kept forgetting to actually make the post 😀 For Paladin week I didn’t have clear idea who I should introduce but then I remembered that while you level trough classic you meet two really unique Paladin friends (at the first… Read More Notable Paladin

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Notable People Of Each Classes

As some of you might have noticed I had a ‘theme’ while I was doing Lae’s (from World of Lae) Alt Appreciation challenge. I wrote about classes that you might know or you should know. I’ve been thinking a lot of adding it as a real theme for my blog and since it’s new year… Read More Notable People Of Each Classes

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Fresh week of alt appreciation again, this time it’s #PaladinWeek. I have two Paladins, both Protection specced. I’ve only ever played my Paladin as a Protection due my dislike of Paladin healing and Retribution because it’s melee. My Paladin was actually my first melee class and Protection felt like spec for me after tanking with… Read More #PaladinWeek