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Notable Priest

Archbishop Benedictus He was the former leader of the Church of the Holy Light and later on he was revealed as the Twilight Prophet of the Twilight’s Hammer cult (This was after the death of Cho’gall). He was high-ranking lieutenant of Deathwing and the Old Gods, and aided them in their efforts to destroy all… Read More Notable Priest

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Notable Monk

Reason this post is sooo late and why I posted ‘Notable Paladin’ post before this was that since the Monk class is quite new there is not much (at least I can’t find) written lore and info about the famous Monks. Took me a while but now I have few candidates so I’m safe for… Read More Notable Monk

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Notable Paladin

Sorry for delaying this post few weeks, first I was sick and then I just kept forgetting to actually make the post ­čśÇ For Paladin week I didn’t have clear idea who I should introduce but then I remembered that while you level trough classic you meet two really unique Paladin friends (at the first… Read More Notable Paladin

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Notable Mages

Queen Azshara She was the ruler of the Night Elves for ten thousand years ago, currently she is a ruler of the Nagas. She was loved by her people, she started sinking into madness when she was corrupted by the Dark Titan Sargeras. When Malfurion Stormrage defeated her and Great Sundering sent her to the… Read More Notable Mages

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Notable Hunters

Alleria Windrunner She is the eldest of the Windrunner sisters (sisters Sylvanas and Vereesa Windrunner). They also have three brothers, one named┬áLirath Windrunner┬á(not much of information about the other two). She had a necklace she got from her parents, eleganlt piece containing a ruby and a sapphire. Alleria Windrunner first earned renown due to the… Read More Notable Hunters

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Notable People Of Each Classes

As some of you might have noticed I had a ‘theme’ while I was doing Lae’s (from World of Lae) Alt Appreciation challenge. I wrote about classes that you might know or you should know. I’ve been thinking a lot of adding it as a real theme for my blog and since it’s new year… Read More Notable People Of Each Classes