Transmog challenge by Jstmel from MoMaR – Red , Orange and Yellow

On February I saw Jstmel, his blog here, posting about transmog contest he is hosting.
It is 6 month challenge and there is one colour for each month (Like a rainbow ^^)
Colours are:

  • February – Red
  • March – Orange
  • April – Yellow
  • May – Green
  • June – Blue
  • July – Violet (any shade of purple)

Rules are quite simple:

1.) All outfits must be able to be worn as if they were a real transmog. Meaning, no mixing plate and cloth items together or no Mages carrying bows and so on.

2.) You can use MogIt or WoW Model Viewer for your submissions. Feel free to submit true transmogs as well if you have an appropriate outfit or want to gather the pieces in game for said outfit.

3.) Each entry must be submitted by the 25th of each month to allow time for voting.

4.) Please, submit only one entry per month. Take your time putting your outfits together. Remember, you have until the 25th of each month to submit your entry.

5.) Email entries to: momar dot jstmel @ gmail dot com (in proper email address format of course) with the corresponding month’s name and color in the subject title. (I.E. – Tmog Entry for March – Orange)

6.) In the body of the email list the names of the items used in each slot. Provide links to the items if you want.

7.) Please use all gear/weapon slots available. Rings, trinkets and necklaces not necessary.


As the first transmog for me was quite close to the deadline I re-used my mog I made for my Paladin some time ago! You can see it here. 🙂

For last month I completely forgot to submit my transmog!! But I’m gonna post it here anyways since I made it for that, I also made it for my Horde Druid to have on a Resto spec 🙂

Head: Tribal Worg Helm
Shoulders: Fireguard Shoulders
(For the entry Cloak: Emperor’s new Cape)
Chest: Flamestrider Robes
Wrists: Shackles of Dark Whispers
Gloves: Hewn Kodo Gloves (Horde only)
Belt: Seal of Karmic Return
Leggings: Jinxed Hoodoo Kilt
Feet: Standard Issue Prisoner Shoes (For races without hooves :P)
Weapon: Kor’kron Spire of Supremacy







And here is my entry for this month(yellow):

Head: Nimar’s Tribal Headdress yellow2
Shoulders: Mantle of the Ternion Glory (Priest only T16 HC version)
Cloak: Emperor’s new Cape
Chest: Elegant Robes
Wrists: Amaranthine Wristwraps (just picked the ones I had since they won’t show under the gloves)
Gloves: Sterile Flesh-Handling Gloves
Belt: Sash of the Last Guardian (also HC version)
Leggings: none cos of the robe
Feet: Silksand Boots (for races without hooves :P)
Weapon: Spire of Coagulated Globules