Notable Hunters


The shadow hunter Vol’jin, son of Sen’jin, is Chieftain of the Darkspear tribe and rightful ruler of the Echo Isles.
He has sworn to do everything in his power to lead the Darkspear tribe just as his late father, Sen’jin, would have. For years he resided in Orgrimmar, offering strategic advice to Thrall and assisting with critical operations such as retaking the Undercity after the Forsaken bastion had been unsurped by Grand Apothecary Putress and the dreadlord Varimathras.
Recently, however Vol’jin has came into conflict with Horde’s new warchief, Garros Hellscream. Alienated by the orc’s extremism and lust for war the troll elader has departed Orgrimmar and taken up residence on Darkspear Isle.
With the war between Alliance and Horde coming to the shores of Pandaria, Vol’jin has become a bitter enemy of Garrosh. After surviving an assasination attempt by one of Hellscream’s Kor’kron, Vol’jin has gone into hiding.
With Garrosh’s defeat and capture, he assumed the mantle of Warchief of the Horde, with the personal support of Thrall and the remainder of the Horde’s leadership. Vol’jin is the first non-orc to earn the title.
Halduron serverd under the Alliance of Lordaeron during the second War against Horde. Before the Third, Sylvanas Windrunner was the Ranger-General of Silvermoon, the highest authority amongst the Farstriders. With her death, a void was left, leaving the high elven rangers without a leader. The Farstriders soon chose Halduron Brightwing as the new leader. As he was a great ranger, he was promoted to Ranger-General of Silvermoon, and rules the rangers to this day. At the same time he was promoted , his commanding officer, Lor’themar Theron, was made Regent Lord of Quel’Thalas. Like, Lor’themar, Halduron played a crucial role in protecting Quel’Thalas from the Scourge during the re-founding of Silvermoon City and is privy to the true identity of Anveena.

Hunter pets – Loque’nahak

I’ve been hunting rare pets since I started my Hunter, and this little bugger been the most difficult so far. Loque’Nahak is rare cat in Sholazar Basin. Been hunting him/her (haven’t figured out name just yet :D) on and off since Wrath and 3 weeks ago I got this amazing idea that I should start collecting more rare pets, so far for 3 weeks I haven’t done anything else than trying to remember to logon on my Hunter every starting hour to check if he/she is up.
And today I managed to remember to do it 3 times in a row and I’m quite happy with the result! 🙂

Hunter pets!

After #HunterWeek I’ve gotten 2 more pets *proud* other one is Arcturis, spirit bear from Grizzly Hills and Aotona, parrot from Sholazar Basin (First time I see him after WotLK launch and instead of getting the rare achievement I got him as a pet! <3)
Still haunting down Loque’nahak with no luck so far.

Blu (named after the domesticated macaw in movie called Rio)

Kenai and the cub is named Koda (Bears from Brother Bear)

End of #HunterWeek

So one alt appreciation week has come to an end once again.
This week I did manage to post few more times for this week.
I also reached some of my goals I set for myself.
I did get my pretty Hunter to go at least LFR Mogu’shan Vaults. That means I got my ilvl up a bit 🙂 I’ve been also working with my second panther with her, by doing quests what I missed while I was leveling.
I had awesome time and I’m sure I’m going to give more love for my Hunter. Maybe even have her as my ‘main alt’ 😛

Notable Hunters #HunterWeek

I was going to make this post yesterday but I had really annoying headache and couldn’t really ‘plan’ my post, what to write and who to introduce.
I want to show some Hunters you should know 🙂

(Pictures are not taken by me this time, I think for these ones the fanart and stuff are way more interesting than only screenshots.)


For what I think Rexxar is by far the most interesting Hunter in the game. I remember him from the really really long pre quest line for Onyxia. He was patrolling the roads in Desolace with his loyal bear Misha Thunderlord Stronghold, Blade’s Edge Mountains.
Rexxar he is Champion of the Horde, half ogre, half orc beastmaster. He belongs to Mok’Nathal clan and he probably is last half-ogre in his clan.

Sylvanas Windrunner

Queen of the Forsaken, Dark Lady, Mistress Sylvanas of the Banshee and the Banshee Queen, she has lots of different names. She was killed by Arthas Menethil and brought back to life as creature of undeath. After she regained her free will she became the founder of the Forsaken faction, who are allied with the Horde.
She is a military genius she also has two sisters Alleria and Vereesa Windrunner also at least two brothers (Lirath – seen in the novel Beyond the Dark Portal and the other name is not revealed.)

“A quick death…like the one you (Arthas) gave me? No. You’re going to suffer as I did. Thanks to my arrow, you can’t even run. Give my regards to hell, you son of a bitch.”

Also she looks effing awesome!! 😛
I met this awesome Dwarf back in a day when he was a quest giver in Stranglethorn Vale, he introduced me to big game hunting for the first time. His son took care of the business in STV while he moved to Nagrand.
After that he’s been reintroduced in Sholazar Basin and Valley of the Four Winds. Every time he keeps hunting more and bigger animals.
He has many names like Enemy of the Nature, the Great Game Hunter and Old Man Death. He is also target of D.E.H.T.A (Druids for the Ethical and Humane Treatment of Animals).
She is quest giver in Feathermoon Stronghold, Feralas. She is also the general of Night Elven Sentinels.

Shandris is one of the most loyal warriors in Tyrande Whisperwind‘s employ. A fearless archer and huntress, Shandris stood by Tyrande’s side through the millennia of solitude that kept her away from her love, Malfurion.

#HunterWeek day 2

For my second Hunter post I would like to introduce you to Pizzelle’s pets! I have quite a few of them, and I’m on a hunt to get the spirit beasts to myself!

I have named some of my pets after Pokemon, more of Eevee’s different evolutions.
I love Eevee a lot and I think it is one of the best Pokemons 😛 My favourite is Umbreon tho!

I’ve heard that some Hunter have like “theme” for their pet names, do any of you have a theme for your pets?

First picture is the Pokemon versions and then mine. They are mostly named after their colour more than their “type”, only Jolteon is ‘electric’ type ;P




As you can see I kind of love cats! 🙂 (*caugh* crazy cat lady!)

I also love wolves, but I don’t like their ingame model that much.

And then to my other pets 🙂

My starting pet, Flutter <3

Hedwig again <3

First day of #HunterWeek

My Hunter story starts waaay back in classic. I made my first Hunter after I felt like I need someone to make my Druid some awesome Leather gear (because my Druid was(and still is) herb/alch). Hunter has always been really fascinating class for me, I love pets and since I’m allergic to most of them this is the best way to get pets of my own <3 :)
So I made my Hunter and I enjoyed playing the class, as good Hunter I learned how to tame pets, trap mobs in dungeons (!) and do some nice dps. I was Beastmaster all the way to level 80 when cataclysm hit us, then I changed to Survival and now I’m Beastmaster again.
I named my first ever Hunter Kiiwi (yes I know it’s supposed to be with one i :D). She was fierce female Orc. Here are three old pictures of her.

Now days her name is Sacura and she is pretty little Blood Elf with loyal Hedwig by her side.

I still log on her time to time but I never really play with her, running around Orgrimmar.

Pizzelle on the other hand is my active hunter, I wanted a Hunter on Alliance side but didn’t want to change Sacura because I think her place is to be with the Horde. So I bought second account and dualboxed 2 hunters to level 70 and then I continued with only Pizzelle. She is now level 90 and her spec is Beastmaster. I’m currently leveling skinning and Leatherworking for her.

 I’ve leveled some low level Hunters before but always ended up deleting them at level 20-30 for more space. Currently I have 3 Hunters (Sacura, Pizzelle and the Hunter I level to my other account).
My goal for this week I try to think of new mog for her and I try to get the skinn/LW up 😛