Game of Thrones themed transmogs

So I’ve had this thing that I name my noncombat pets and Hunter pets with something “famous” like Disney characters or something like that. I was fooling around with my Hunter last night and I have this white wolf as a pet (been with me for ages! πŸ˜€ <3) and it’s been named after Jack London’s book, White Fang or (I sometimes like changing it) Hopeanuoli (which my Finnish readers understand, it’s Finnish name for Gin, fromΒ Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin (quite old anime ^^).Β But back to the topic, so I had this idea to change my wolfies name to “Ghost” (Jon Snow’s direwolf in Game of Thrones) and make female version of Jon Snow’s clothing! πŸ˜€ I think I made it work quite well with Hunter’s mail gear! BUT best of all I had another idea that why not to make Ygritte transmog too since she is the one who actually uses bows πŸ™‚ Her transmog was bit more difficult to work with and think around πŸ˜€
But all and all I’m really happy how they worked out, now I just need to start farming! πŸ˜€


This is the picture what I was watching while planning these mogs πŸ˜›


Shoulders:Β Ritualistic Shoulderguards
Cape: Blackmetal Cape
Chest: Black Dragonscale Breastplate
Shirt: Stylish Black Shirt
Gloves: Whelpscale Gauntlets
Waist: Devolved Drake Girdle
Leggings: Savage Gladiator Leggings
Feet: Savage Gladiator Greaves
Bow: Nightstalker Bow








Shoulders: Yaungol Slayer’s Spaulders
Chest: Stormbreaker Chestguard
Shirt: White Linen Shirt
Gloves: Gauntlets of Completion
Waist: Girdle of the Ancient One
Leggings: Go-Kan’s Golden Trousers
Feet: Wave-Crest Striders
Bow: Dragon Slayer’s ShortbowΒ (even tho she has quite plain bow in the series I wanted to add some edge to it :D)




Here is how it would look with orange hair πŸ˜‰