ExtraLife 2013

Sometime ago my Twitter friend @_Korlane asked if I could help him to say up for ExtraLife 2013 charity event. I said sure and I also could stream most of it.
The event was yesterday and we woke up around 6.30 (waaaaaay to early).
We managed to stay up until 4.30 this morning and decided that since you don’t have to do the whole 25h in one go, we decided to go to sleep and stream the missing 4h today instead.
I’m going to add the stream videos here probably tomorrow so you can see them you if anyone wants to 😛

We started our morning by playing Hearthstone (I haven’t played it after the wipe so we played some games that he let me win so I could unlock all the heroes)Then we played little bit of Dota 2 and I have to say I’m really bad at that 😀
After Dota we started playing WoW and started leveling toons.
We are probably going to continue with them today, not sure.
But here is some pictures that I took while we had our adventure!

Raremob dance worked! 😀
Spam for the new chicken pet!
After wow I had minor real life break, went to see a movie at friends house.
But afterwards Korlane was so bored to WoW and HS so we decided to play bit Starcraft 2 and League of Legends (and yes I’m really bad at both of them, you’ll see when I’m done with the videos :D)
Then we played Starcraft minigames, pictionary !!
Also lovely @tycertank joined our Skype call for a while 🙂
I had so much fun doing that and it was all for good reason, for kids 🙂


Twitter Raid (part 16)

Friday we had awesome evening again, we also had few new faces this time! <3We also have Twitter page for our FridayFunRuns, it’s called @FridayFunRun 🙂
As always Chro made YouTube post about the video (and check his drawings for the few bosses he missed! ;P) you can find it here! And I’m gonna edit my streaming video probably tomorrow so people can watch it if they want to 🙂

Our destination was time time Ulduar 10man (because we had tiny run this time :P)
But here are few shots I took while we were there 🙂

Avoid fire! Right Chro? ;P

Portal roulette again!
And I ended up in Theramore (luckily I wasn’t the only one! :D)

Twitter raid (part 15)

So it was time again for our this weeks FridayFunORama. It’s always nice to have something waiting you at the end of the week, something fun 🙂 This time we had only @Chromeeh_Gnome’s stream live because me and BF had some problem with out internet at it was being extremely laggy :/ But this weeks destination was to go Blackwing Descent and afterwards Bastion of Twilight and if we had enough people still to go to Throne of the Four Winds 🙂 The trip was really successful and we had lots of giggles in TeamSpeak 🙂
As usual I’ve been tanking these lately so there isn’t as much pictures but here are some good ones I managed to take 🙂
As always @Chromeeh_Gnome made video of the whole thing, you can see it here,
(pay extra attention to the elevator boss!! :D)

Someone woke up in a bad mood :G
Mammoth balette !!
Best game ever: Portal Roulette!!

  Also afterwards @AdmiringAzeroth whispered me saying that she has a gift for me. My face was like ” O_O wut!?” I made tiny alt on her server and she had my present all wrapped up with nice red ribbon! I opened it and found harmonious porcupette inside it !! I was so happy (since my reputation with Emperor Shaohao is neutral at the moment :D)
We also had meeting with @RowettSS who didn’t have his enchanted broom on our last FridayRun and couldn’t help us clean up 😉 

photogenic KITTY photo-bombed my pic! 😀 <3
Big thank you for all who came this time and hope to see you next time also! 🙂 Luv you all <3

Twitter raid (part 14)

This week we also had tiny Friday group. But just enough to go see Raggy in Firelands.
This week was bit more special too, since I’ve started streaming my game.
So we had live stream of our run too! Well actually we had 3 active live streams (Mine: http://www.twitch.tv/rinike13 ,
My boyfriend @Jolabero http://www.twitch.tv/cepheus9
and our @Chromeeh_Gnome 
http://www.twitch.tv/chromeeh) Chromeeh also recorded the whole run so as always he is gonna make video of it and add it to youtube 🙂
I was tank this time and when I’m tanking I sadly forget to take pictures, but atleast I remembered to take few! Here they are 🙂

Yes that big furry gray butt is mine! 😀
Here it is again! 😛

Thank you for everyone for coming and hope to see you next time too! Remember Alliance EU and 20.30 server time 🙂

Twitter raid (part 13)

Yesterday we had tiny FridayFunORama, we had 6-8 people. We did Ulduar 25man with some achievements, here are some pictures again 🙂

Making sure everyone gets summon!

Bear dance <3

Three elders at Freya

We had some troubles at Yogg so we let him live (for now)

Again had so so much fun with everyone, I’ll add @Chromeeh_Gnome’s video here again when he’s done with tinkering 🙂 Join us next week 20.30 server time (Alliance EU)
Edit: You can see the video here 🙂

Twitter raid (part 12)

So again yesterday evening was time for my 12th FridayFunORama with awesome people!
Our first destination was to kill some dragons in Ruby Sanctum and Obsidian Sanctum. We did both in 25man and one lucky person got a mount from Sartharion (it drops a mount in both 10 and 24man if you let the miniboss drakes live :P)


We did the kamikaze tactics so this happened after boss died 😛
(You get all the adds at boss if you don’t kill them)

 After dragon slaying we went to Trial of the Grand Crusader (which is the heroic version of Trial of the Crusader)

Also before we had to compare who has the best mount! 😀
We also had our Disney Fantasia moment (with our star @Chromeeh_Gnome
playing Mickey Mouse and dancing! :P)

Hide the gnome prank!
Fire kitty and kittens! 😛

Big bad and ugly last boss Anub’arak

After all this we still decided to go Throne of the Four Winds to see Al’Akir.

Grumpy trees summoning missing players!

Group picture time !! <3 :)
Portal roulette !

 This time we had few new faces (Thank you for joining!). Hope to see you next time too.
Spread the word, we are going every Friday 20.30 server time (Alliance EU)! Thank you all <3 You can also see the video of your run here it is made by our awesome  @Chromeeh_Gnome 🙂

Twitter raid (part 9)

Yesterday was Friday and it meant yet another Friday-fun-run with awesome people. Sadly Murky wasn’t with us this week :/
We had awesome run and our TS conversations were really funny!
Also Krös our shammy who joined for first time, got a new nickname, Wallace. 😛

Our destination was Bastion of Twilight 25man (we were suppose to do it on heroic but we had only one tank and two healers so it was bit trickier so we ended up having fun in the normal instead :P)

I totally forgot to take pictures and figured it out at last boss. So here is picture of dead

Cho’gall. 🙂

As always Chromeeh maid a video so here it is 🙂 Join us for next week!