Twitter raid (part 25)

So, last Friday was one of the most exciting FridayFunRun 🙂 We managed to go Mogu’shan Vaults 10man !! It went really well, we managed to clear whole raid! and we had 0 wipes and only few people died. What was most interesting that we had 2 (our other tank and our other healer) ‘newbies’ at level 90, who did amazing job! 🙂
Maybe someday we’re able to go Throne of Thunder perhaps ^^
As always Chro filmed the whole raid (even our ninjapull!! :D) you can see it here.







I had my moment with JoJo <3 *bearhug*


Conquerors of Mogu’shan Vaults! Love you all! <3

Twitter raid (part 24)

Last Friday we had one of our “tinier” runs, also some people didn’t have their 100% spirit (me included). So we decided to take it slow, easy and nice evening 🙂 First we went to Trial of the Grand Crusader 10man, Naxx 10 man after (got my missing tear shoulders from there! :P) and then Jojo’s guildies needed help at Sunwell Plateau 🙂
As always Chro made a video about our run, you can see it here! Also remember to follow @FridayFunRun . Here are the pictures I took, enjoy! 🙂


Twitter Raid (part 23)

So first Friday Fun of 2014 happened yesterday! 🙂 I can’t tell in enough words how much I wait it every week 🙂 It’s like kids (and me) with that one “candy day” 😛
We had bit bigger run this time, we were at 8 peeps. We decided to start this year with “nice and easy” run, so we went to Ulduar (since everyone loves Ulduar <3 🙂
I also noticed that for the meta achievement I’m missing only one and that is the most annoying one, Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare.
I got really distracted with the TS this time so I don’t have as many pictures this time 🙂 But I’ll try to be better with that next time.
As always Chro recorded the whole thing and put it in Youtube, link here!

Twitter raid (part 22)

Due all the Holiday stuff we didn’t have that much people last week so it was our smallest run so far, we had 5 people (6 for Morchok hc kill) so we decided to do some missing achievements for Glory of the Cataclysm Hero.  We did Blackrock Caverns and The Deadmines 🙂
As always we still had a blast, also it was last run for the year 2013, hope we see new faces next year and  hopefully all the familiar faces continue having fun  with us!!

Also even tho it was tiny 5man run, our awesome tiny Gnome recorded the whole thing 🙂 You can see it here!





Twitter raid (part 21)

Few weeks ago (Friday 20th) we had one of our longest FridayFunRun. We also did 3 different raids, first Naxxramas (just for the giggles), then Malygos and last we did Firelands (with achievement Bucket List ).

Chro made nice video again, you can see it here! I took some pictures again along the way, hope you enjoy 🙂



Mr.Bigglesworth – club




Yes you can almost see jojos cheeks! 😛 *giggle*
Draeneis <3





The Dragon group



Merry Winter Veil from FridayFunRun peeps! <3 🙂



Twitter Raid (part 19)

We had our awesome Friday Fun O Rama again on this Friday and this time it was ICC 10 heroic. We also had 2 new people from my new guild 🙂 I changed my Druid to Druid only guild on Shadowsong, it’s called . 🙂
But we had awesome times and I broke Lich King again 😀 (as in staying alive).
Radolyn got our funrun trophy this time for being “needy” on LK loot (“I need that, I need that and that …” :P)

Also Chro made a video, you can see it here 🙂

Floating kitty <3

Focusing and explaining tacts ;P

#IntPiPoMo 2013 What is it?

Few days ago I saw this in my Twitter timeline

and I was like “the what now” she gave me link to Angelya’s last years blog post and I was immediately interested about it!
I know I’m already doing #WoWscreenshotaday but the best part on this one, you can post when ever you want and how many pictures you want (Well it needs to be in November but still you get my point :P)

So more about the challenge, you need to take 50 screenshots during November, no specific theme required and as I wrote earlier you can post them when you want (for example post them in packs of 5 or 10 or how you want.)

For myself I haven’t decided how many at time I’m going to post, I think I go by feeling with that, I’m also going to put all the pictures in one post (less spam like that ^.^ )
I was thinking a long time that do I want to have a theme or not in this one and I decided to pick Warcraft Cities/Towns as my theme 🙂