#WoWscreenshotaday Day 26

Technically it’s 26th already (past midnight! :D) so I can post this πŸ˜›
I got some loot today from our Druid flex for my Bear Gear (shoulders and leggings) and I’ve wanted those shoulders for ages now to kind of finish my transmog.
Originally I was going to use this for Resto but as I already have more awesome set put together for it I’m using it on Bear.
Also theme for today is “Light” so here is light from my shoulders in front of standing candelabra.


#WoWscreenshotaday Day 20-25

Day 20 The Wolvars and Gorlocs are never in “peace”.

Day 21 Me and my BF were doing Black Temple and when he’s at 30% he uses the imprison skill (dunno what it’s called :D) and it freezes you, it can look “funny” πŸ˜›

Day 22 “An act of kindness” I’m levelling JC for my BF πŸ™‚
an act of kindness

Day 23 “This is where I relax” I usually have my alts parked up in Dwarven District.
this is where i relax

Day 24 Zombies are “half” alive and half dead.

Day 25 Start of a “cut”scene in Dragonsoul.