Patch 5.4

Firstly I’m not going to give any spoilers.
As everyone knows patch 5.4 hit EU yesterday. As Well pretty much everyone knows how to avoid spoilers after the patch day, well I kinda forgot that. It was sad annoyance this morning when I was catching up my Twitter feed just to find “OMG … is new warchief”.
Now I talked myself to watch the Alliance and Horde side of the cinematics, and let me say WoW. I had goosebumps through the Horde one. And lets not forget Thrall <3 I was giggling fangirl through the videos 😀 and so far I’ve watched it 5 times I think 😛

I’m going to link them here too incase someone wants to watch them, don’t click the video if you want to find it out on your own 😀

Then I have to hype about the Timeless Isle, my god it’s awesome!! I almost got full new gear for my pretty Hunter and the leather I got from skinning all the mobs while other people were busy killing them! 😛
I also did some Proving Grounds Silver rating as a Tank and was so close to get silver for healing too but the npcs are so slow and idiotic … Please don’t stand in fire and learn to use your tanking abilities and the mage ever heard of sheep!? Maybe Blizzard is trying to imitate people in the dungeons now days..  *rant rant rant* But enough of that 😛
Time for some pictures 🙂

Then few before and after pictures of Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

Day 28 of 30 day World of Warcraft challenge

Your favourite and least-favourite boss?

I don’t really have any least-favourite boss (I just hate all of them as much ;D just kidding).
But one annoying boss encounter that comes to mind is Anub’arak, it is just so not keeping up with all the heirloom players and stuff.

BUT for the favourite boss and boss encounter is NEFARIAN (*Insert fangirling here*), and I don’t mean in the Blackwing Descent Nefarian, I mean back in ‘good ol days’ when he was in Blackwing Lair. The whole fight is just awesome and how it affects differently to all the classes. This is what I remember a lot from when I was raiding with my Warlock:

“Nefarian yells: Warlocks, you shouldn’t be playing with magic you don’t understand. See what happens?”

Day 10 of 30 day World of Warcraft challenge

Your favourite mount?

My favourite mount is the Frostwolf Howler, I love wolves, so much! And this mount has a backstory too, I hated PvP back in classic, I really did. But since back then you were only able to get this mount, if you were exalted with Alterac Valley and you needed 50 “Alterac Valley mark of honor” marks. So I farmed everyday a little bit to get this beauty and I was so happy when I got it. One of my favourite moments in WoW. Sadly this is Horde only.
And it looks really badass too 😉

Day 7 of 30 day World of Warcraft challenge

Your favourite piece of lore?

This one was easy I LOVE everything that includes Thrall. I’m such a fangirl, I love how Chris Metzen does the voice, I love how cute Thrall is (yes female opinion I know ;D) and love story between Thrall and Aggra, how she stayed by his side whatever happened.
Yeah, I can’t really pick anything specific lore part of his life.

Sorry I couldn’t pick anything specific, but sometimes you just love the whole part. It is like picking your favourite book, and if you pick one the others are going to feel bad 😉