Notable Druids

I was suppose to post this earlier this week (and technically it’s Monday already ;D)  but I’ve been really distracted by leveling and watching Netflix and I’m really sorry about it 😛
But here are some notable Druids that you should know or get to know 🙂

Hamuul Runetotem

He is the Archdruid of  Thunder Bluff and venerated leader of the tauren people. He is the highest-ranked tauren in the Cenarion Circle, though the inclusion of tauren had incurred the ire of his former night elf counterpart, Fandral Staghelm, who believed that only night elves can be druids.

As many of his people do, Hamuul believes very much in the balance between nature and the races of Azeroth. This was the reason that he sought out and befriended the mighty night elf Malfurion Stormrage during the recent invasion of the Burning Legion, to request training in the druidic arts. After Cairne was murdered by Magatha Grimtotem, Hamuul continued his role as advisor to Cairne’s son Baine, the new Chieftain.

Broll Bearmantle

Broll Bearmantle was born with antlers, and extremely rare gift of nature and sign that one day he would do great deeds. For years people watched as his antlers grew and waited for him to manifest greatness. Over the long centuries he developed into a fine druid – very powerful, and amazing shapeshifter with many forms – but beyond that he seemed nothing special. In time he was further gifted with an idol crafted by the immortal druid Remulos, son of the demigod Cenarius.

He, along Valeera Sanguinar, continued to accompany the King Varian Wrynn until they assisted him in bringing the broodmother Onyxia to justice, rescuing Anduin and returned Varian to his rightful throne; thus becoming a trusted friend in the process. He also grows attached to Valeera, who’s independent and sometimes reckless nature remind him of his deceased daughter. The two form a close, almost fater-daughter like bond over the course of their journey. Broll however, is deeply concerned for Valeera and her addiction to magic.

All Druid Flex [Druids of the Beast]

It’s been sometime since I last wrote about my adventure in all Druid raid with . (If you want to you can read about my first adventure with them here! ^^) We cleared the first wing and started practicing the second wing and today it all worked out! we killed two bosses! First was Galakras (which we’ve been working on quite while now) and second was Iron Juggernaut (we had one wipe and after that we just steamrolled it! :P) Feels so amazing! Here are some pictures to proof ;P

All Druid flex [Druids of the Beast]

Ever since I created my Druid (which was in Feb 12 -08) I’ve wanted to do something that has only Druids in the raid. Even dungeons or just something like that. Well yesterday my dream came true! I joined All Druid flex raid (organized by @monsterdruid) and it was so awesome!! 😛 We downed all the bosses on first wing and on Tuesday if we have enough people it’s time for wing 2 😛 I took some pictures along the way 🙂 enjoy!

Stealth time!
Best kill ever 😀

End of #DruidWeek

So agains ends one week of alt appreciation.
For last post I was thinking to introduce some of my favourite druids (bit warning tho I’m a bit mainstreamer for these ones, just can’t help it 😛

Fistly Remulos, he is a elite quest giver in Moonglade, he is younger son of Cenarius and Keeper of the Grove.

Cenarius is the Lord of the Forest and patron god of all druids regardless of race (along with Elune andYsera, his mothers, for the night elf druids). He is one of the most powerful and influential demigods of Azeroth.” -WoWWiki

I don’t have any particularly reason why I like these two, maybe because the lore around the druids and them is really interesting, maybe because they are also centaurs. I just like them, they are fascinating 🙂
Then some really random druids from Molten Front

Secondly I would like to introduce you to my really good friend Candelaria We met trough Finnish WoW ladies forum and even tho our forum shut down we continued talking. She means quite a lot to me and I think I forget to say that to her on time to time. She has helped me a lot with my problems and it is really good to just open up and rant to someone! 🙂 This is a sneak pic of her druid from

This is one is my boyfriends druid Mayling. (He also don’t know that I added him to my post :D)
He means so much to me and I love him alot

For end of this post here is a picture of Moonglade. I love that place and as a Druid it has special meaning to me. Back in a day you had class quests you needed to finish before you were able to get your forms. Aquatic form was especially tricky!! 😛
Next week is all about Hunter, so happy starting #HunterWeek !! 🙂

Druidic transmog

 I thought I might introduce you to my dear Druids awesome feral gear since it’s #DruidWeek and all. I like it so much, so much that I usually hang out as feral just to use it 🙂
It is more Rogue or Monk like than druidish, but for feral it is perfect!! <3
Most parts are from Bloodfang Armor (Recolor) and I kinda built this whole thing around the weapon. I love that weapon so much it looks so simple in the same time it’s not 😀

Helm: Cursed Vision of Sargeras
Shoulders: Shoulderpads of the Silvermoon Retainer

Chest: Chestguard of the Conniver

Wrists: Cruel Mercy Bracers (These are just the ones I have equipped)
Gloves: Mitts of the Treemender
Belt: Gronn-Stitched Girdle

Leggings: Earthsoul Leggings
Feet: Edgewalker Longboots
Main Hand: Orca-Hunter’s Harpoon


Hey all the fellow Druids out there. *imaginary wave*
I’ve been thinking to do this post for a while and then Lae announced the alt appreciation weeks and I thought that I’m going to wait until #DruidWeek comes!
You all must have seen The Golden Compass movie right?! Ok so bear with me (*tihihi* ;P)

There is character called Iorek Byrnison he is a rightful heir for Svalbard throne, then he fought against other bear in a ritual of dominance to win over this female bear.
Turned out that the other bear he was up against was drugged and he didn’t back down when Byrnison defeated him. That lead Byrnison to kill the bear and that was highly forbidden and that is why he was condemned to exile. 🙁

So my real reason writing this post that my Night Elf has white hair, so that shows on my bear too. And now with the spell Incarnation: son of ursoc your forms get armors.
aaaaaand *drums* it looks like this while in bear form!!

And this ladies and gentleman is Iorek Byrnison in his battle armor!

Alt Appreciation #DruidWeek

As it says on the topic it’s #DruidWeek. It started today and lasts aaaaalll the way to Sunday! 😛 So all the kittys, bears, lazerchickens and trees heads up for this week! 🙂
Read more after the “jump break”.
This week is very special for me since I play Druid as a main (so would it be Main Appreciation week for me then *ponders* ;D). My love for Druid’s started in early Burning Crusade, mainly because I needed something to farm flowers and make potions for my Warlock (which was my main at that time). And what is better than have a Druid in flight form to pick up all the flowers!
So after some time I hit level 70 with her and I was thinking “oh but this seems so cool, maybe I’ll start playing it bit more” I chose to be Bear since I always wanted to tank and Warrior and Paladin (at that time) didn’t really fit for me.
I farmed some tanking gear and started and after some struggles I learnt what buttons to press and what macros to use. I was even able to tank my current guilds Karazhan alt raid!

Druid tanking haven’t changed much since that, few new shiny buttons and the spec is called Guardian (neat name huh!).

But back to BC, everyone was waiting Wrath of the Lich King to be launched.
After some time they added patch 3.1.0 which introduced Dual spec!
I was thinking in my head that now I’m going to try healing for the first time on my Druid (since I did some experimenting with kitty and lazerchicken dps, but wasn’t really a fan).
I have to say that the start with resto it was horrible, people kept dying and yelling at me and I stopped healing and gathered more and better gear for my new spec. Then I tried again and practised more. Now I have to say I’m glad I did that, I’m glad I didn’t give up 😀
Since Resto is the specc what I mainly play, in both PvP and PvE and I have to say I’m quite good at it too 🙂 I sadly didn’t get to raid in Ulduar with my Druid (my Disc Priest took care of that and we didn’t have enough people with their alts to make another run).

I’ve been both Horde and Alliance, I started as a Tauren then Night Elf, race change to Worgen, then Night Elf again, back to Tauren and now I’m Night Elf (and going to stay like that! Unless they announce Draenei Druids <3) only race I haven't tried is Troll (the feet just creep me out sorry all the Trolls out there!)

So this was my story how I fell in love this pack of furr! I’m gonna try to make more posts about her and maybe add some new transmogs for it too! Happy #DruidWeek ya all!! <3