DressUp! #dressViking

I’ve been really bad with timing my DressUp posts, I usually completely forgot them! BUT two weeks ago theme was Vikings and I love the Viking Age with all the norse mythology and all. So I had my transmog all planned I was gonna do the leather ‘battlegear” with horns and axes and all but then it hit me. It wasn’t just that on that time. There were also Seidr’s (which was type or sorcery at that time and it was usually practiced by women).
So I did some googling and had some pictures inspire me a bit more and I found these:

My race of choice for this one was gnome since I was thinking to actually hunt these items and make it for my warlock (since it also would be suitable for being a sorcerer and all ;P )
I think this one is one of my best ideas for this DressUp challenge so far 🙂