DressUp! #dressVanilla

Time for the last theme, it’s called vanilla. I’m assuming this means Vanilla WoW (as in Classic if someone is not familiar with the terms).
I chose to make the theme for my Warlock since it was the first ever character I created 🙂 We didn’t even imagine having something like transmog back then but I still saved all the pretty robes!
I chose Plagueheart Raiment (tier 3 for Warlock) just because nowdays it’s only obtainable trough Black Market Auction House and it’s is by far one of the coolest set for Warlock!
My weapon of choice was Crystalfire Staff (Yes it’s not from Vanilla but I just love that staff, so purple!! ^^)

I have to say that I’ve enjoyed this challenge so much and it is all thanks to @Batinna !! <3 Thank you for making such an awesome challenge for us! 🙂