DressUp! #dressPunk

I completely forgot to do this on last week (maybe I should write them on a note or something, since I have everything else I need to remember in my notebook :DD)
But I’m quite happy how this turned out. Sadly I have to cheat on this and #DressGeek since I didn’t have time to go hunt the loots :/
I was browsing trough google while I was trying to get inspiration for my Punk look and then I found this picture and I knew I had my look ready 😀

Chest: Bandit Jerkin
Wrist: Bandit Bracers
Leggings: Black Mageweave Leggings
Feet: Bandit Boots

Only missing like super cool leather jacket or something! 😀


DressUp! #DressFisher

Third theme of @GPBatinna‘s DressUp challenge is called ‘Fisher’.
For some odd reason I like fishing in WoW (yes you can call me weird! :P).
For this theme I wanted to go bit different than probably everyone else, I didn’t want to use my fishing poles I had saved up. I wanted to use my rare fish dagger and off hand! 😛 and Pilgrims robe is usually my robe of choice when it comes to fishing and that fishing hat just makes the final touch for it 🙂 So here is my transmog for this theme:

Head: Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat
Chest: Pilgrim’s Robe (Pilgrim’s Robe) (white Wowhead items don’t like my white background ;D)
MainHand: Dark Herring
OffHand: Old Crafty

DressUp! #dressPirate

Yarr! Next theme for @GPBatinna‘s DressUp challenge is Pirate, and for lucky me I already made my “slutty pirate” when they released transmog! I have a thing for Draeneis so this outfit worked out amazingly good on my Draenei Priest 🙂 Enjoy!

As always @GPBatinna made video of all the entrys, you can see the video on her blog! 🙂

Items used:
Head: Mirren’s Drinking Hat
Shoulders: Furious Gladiator’s Mooncloth Mantle
Chest: Corsair’s Overshirt

Wrists: –
Gloves: Heavy Linen Gloves
Belt: Ruthless Gladiator’s Cord of Accuracy
Leggings: Cindercloth Pants
Feet: Boots of Prophecy (Priest only, but if you are Draenei the set is fine with some pair of sandals that don’t have in game look :P)
Weapon: –

Sometimes it gets hot outside and you need something to prevent sunstroke

 Also like all good pirates I have my loyal companion, crackers <3

DressUp! #dressPoor

 Ok I finished my first entry for this transmog challenge yesterday, but I kinda posted a lot yesterday so I thought I’ll post it today 🙂

First thing I was thinking when I saw the theme ‘Poor’ was the starting gear, and more of the blueish mail starting gear that drops from the mobs. But instead of that I wanted to show some plate.
‘Poor’ can also mean simple and that is what I was after on this one. No spikes, plain colours, no shiny objects, just something small and plain. 🙂 Sadly these items are white quality so you can’t transmog them :/

Items used:

Chest: Platemail Armor (Platemail Armor)
Belt: Platemail Belt (Platemail Belt)
Gloves: Platemail Gloves (Platemail Gloves)
Leggings: Platemail Leggings (Platemail Leggings)
Wrists: Platemail Bracers (Platemail Bracers)

Boots: Platemail Boots (Platemail Boots)
Main Hand: Broadsword (Broadsword)
Off Hand: Large Metal Shield (Large Metal Shield)

Reason I typed the names inside parentheses is that I’m using the wowhead tooltip and since these items are white and my blogs background is white so they didn’t really like each others 😀 Batinna made summary of all the entry’s here!

DressUp! challenge

Yesterday @MrandMrsWoW asked me in Twitter that if I’m going to take part of @GPBatinna’s transmog challenge. I was like “the what now? :D” and she directed me to @GPBatinna’s blog and I found out more about this challenge and I was hooked. I’m going to do this and hopefully I have ideas for each of the different ones.
As you can see there are 15 different ‘themes’.

There are also some rules what to do and not to do:

  • You don’t have to transmog the items, only wear it.
  • Buff’s doesn’t count.
  • Be creative and try them all! Please don’t skip any or submit in advance.
  • I’ll try to make this a weekly challenge, I know it can be hard and you’re allowed to post whenever you want.
  • This is not a contest with a prize. This is for fun and to inspire others.
  • You allow me to link to your blog, unless you tell me not to.
You can read her full post here!
I think this is going to be fun 🙂 Wish me luck! 😛