DressUp! #dressVanilla

Time for the last theme, it’s called vanilla. I’m assuming this means Vanilla WoW (as in Classic if someone is not familiar with the terms).
I chose to make the theme for my Warlock since it was the first ever character I created 🙂 We didn’t even imagine having something like transmog back then but I still saved all the pretty robes!
I chose Plagueheart Raiment (tier 3 for Warlock) just because nowdays it’s only obtainable trough Black Market Auction House and it’s is by far one of the coolest set for Warlock!
My weapon of choice was Crystalfire Staff (Yes it’s not from Vanilla but I just love that staff, so purple!! ^^)

I have to say that I’ve enjoyed this challenge so much and it is all thanks to @Batinna !! <3 Thank you for making such an awesome challenge for us! 🙂



DressUp! #dressHero

It’s the second last transmog theme challenge! It’s called Hero. First thing that popped in my mind was to make something funny and cute with Marvel Heroes, buuut then I remembered my childhood hero (not only childhood but still). Robin Hood! He is awesome and the Disney Robin Hood and Robin Hood Men in Tights were my favourite movies when I was growing up, and they still are! 🙂
So here is my Robin Hood themed Rogue (yes Rogues can’t use Bows so I added one picture with daggers too! ^^)






Dress Up! #dressHalloween


Week 13 theme on Batinna’s DressUp challenge is Halloween. I was first thinking of Rogue’s tier 5 Deathmantle or tier 8 Terrorblade.
But then it hit me, one of my favourite movie series is Hannibal, so I put together Hannibal Halloween costume! 😛 enjoy!

halloween2 halloween3 halloween4 halloween5

DressUp! #dressmarried

Time for another theme, “married”. I wanted to do “alternative” wedding dress, just because when and if I get married I have everything planned out. It’s going to be anything else than traditional and my dress is not going to be white!! 😀
since the dress choices are quite limited in WoW I ended up with this one! 😛

DressUp! #dressNature

Since I’m on the roll now I’m gonna introduce (in time!) this weeks dress up theme, nature.
To me nature theme means either Druid, Shaman or Hunter set and for those I think blizzard has managed to do Druids (and leather) sets really well, they look really naturalistic and down to earth like Druids are.
I’ve been wanting to make a new transmog for my Druid for a while now, I’m bored to use full sets at this moment. So this was good chance for me to actually make something I’m going to use (as soon as I get few items farmed :P)
But here it is 🙂

Items used:
Shoulders: Cenarion Spaulders
Chest: Grizzly Jerkin
Gloves: Gloves of Restoration
Belt: Cenarion Belt
Leggings: Grovewalkers Leggings
MainHand: Dreambinder

DressUp! #dressPrincess

Since I’m fashionable late with these dress up posts here is last weeks #dressPrincess look I build up 🙂 Princess theme to me is instantly the Disney princesses, I love Disney <3
and for this I got even more inspired when MrandMrsWoW made transmog of Snow White, which was awesome! You can see it here.
I was thinking that I’m going for my favourite Disney princess, Belle. But I wanted to extend the theme a bit since Worgen looks quite a bit the beast in that movie so my theme is going to be “beast gone pretty” ;P (yeah quite lame but still :D)
I actually made two outfits for it and I have to say the “formal” princess dressup didn’t quite work since WoW doesn’t have high heels and pretty ball dresses 😛

Items used:
Chest: Blue linen vest
Shirt: Formal white shirt
Legs: Simple kilt
OffHand: Book of binding will

Items used:
Chest: Greater Adept’s robe
OffHand: Red rose

DressUp! #dressViking

I’ve been really bad with timing my DressUp posts, I usually completely forgot them! BUT two weeks ago theme was Vikings and I love the Viking Age with all the norse mythology and all. So I had my transmog all planned I was gonna do the leather ‘battlegear” with horns and axes and all but then it hit me. It wasn’t just that on that time. There were also Seidr’s (which was type or sorcery at that time and it was usually practiced by women).
So I did some googling and had some pictures inspire me a bit more and I found these:

My race of choice for this one was gnome since I was thinking to actually hunt these items and make it for my warlock (since it also would be suitable for being a sorcerer and all ;P )
I think this one is one of my best ideas for this DressUp challenge so far 🙂

DressUp! #dressPimp

Batinna’s DressUp challenge continues with a theme “pimp” and I have to say I don’t really have any idea how they dress, so this is just my point of view of them (and little help from Google :D) Also I’m showing my mog on Goblins since I’ve always felt that they’re bit shady and all so I think it fits for him perfectly! 😀

Items used:
Head: Stylin’ Purple Hat
Chest: Cat Lover’s Vest
Leggings: Darkweave Breeches
Feet: Woolen Boots

DressUp! #dressKnight

It’s 7th week of @GPBatinna’s DressUp challenge, last weeks theme was “Knight”.
For me when I think of Knights I instantly think Warriors, either dps or tank.
But one set is particularly in my vision, and that is Battlegear of Might 🙂
For this I used 2 handed Sword Apolyon, the Soul-Render.

(Also this is one of the sets I’ve planned for my Warrior so that is why I don’t have it yet 😀 hence the ‘cheating’ with MogIt :P)

DressUp! #dressGentleman

This weeks DressUp theme is as you can see Gentleman! And as you can see I’m in time! not late! 😀 But I wanted to introduce the tmog on my Druid, but then I remembered that I sold my Tuxedo set to get more room and I don’t have a top hat. But since I’ve been quite Worgen themed few days I’m still gonna do it and I’m cheating (using MogIt only tho).
But here it is my Gentle(wo)man outfit 🙂

Items I used:
Head: High society top hat
Chest: Tuxedo Jacket
Shirt: Tuxedo Shirt
Leggings: Tuxedo Pants

OffHand: Bouquet of black roses