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Dress Up! #dressHalloween

Week 13 theme on Batinna’s DressUp challenge is Halloween. I was first thinking of Rogue’s tier 5 Deathmantle or tier 8 Terrorblade. But then it hit me, one of my favourite movie series is Hannibal, so I put together Hannibal Halloween costume! 😛 enjoy! Helm: Deadly Gladiator’s Leather Helm Chest: Seer’s Padded Armor Leggings: Disciple’s Pants

#dressKnight, dressup, transmogrification, twitter, warcraft

DressUp! #dressKnight

It’s 7th week of @GPBatinna’s DressUp challenge, last weeks theme was “Knight”.For me when I think of Knights I instantly think Warriors, either dps or tank.But one set is particularly in my vision, and that is Battlegear of Might 🙂For this I used 2 handed Sword Apolyon, the Soul-Render.(Also this is one of the sets I’ve planned for my Warrior… Read More DressUp! #dressKnight