DressUp! #dressPrincess

Since I’m fashionable late with these dress up posts here is last weeks #dressPrincess look I build up 🙂 Princess theme to me is instantly the Disney princesses, I love Disney <3
and for this I got even more inspired when MrandMrsWoW made transmog of Snow White, which was awesome! You can see it here.
I was thinking that I’m going for my favourite Disney princess, Belle. But I wanted to extend the theme a bit since Worgen looks quite a bit the beast in that movie so my theme is going to be “beast gone pretty” ;P (yeah quite lame but still :D)
I actually made two outfits for it and I have to say the “formal” princess dressup didn’t quite work since WoW doesn’t have high heels and pretty ball dresses 😛

Items used:
Chest: Blue linen vest
Shirt: Formal white shirt
Legs: Simple kilt
OffHand: Book of binding will

Items used:
Chest: Greater Adept’s robe
OffHand: Red rose