Pirate’s day event

Dread Corsair buff

 I think it was around a week ago when @MrandMrsWoW asked that if I would be interested having fun at Pirates Day and I sure was, I like having different kinds of events with other people. 🙂 Masterminds behind all this was @GPBatinna and @GPSicarios big thanks!
I had awesome time and it was good timing for @GPBatinna’s dress up challenge theme which was #dressPirate! You can see my pirate costume here 🙂
I took a lot screenies and thought I should share them with all of you! 🙂

Pink Dragon!!
Two perky pugs hugging <3 :P Also my Crackers has really creepy stare.

DressUp! #dressPirate

Yarr! Next theme for @GPBatinna‘s DressUp challenge is Pirate, and for lucky me I already made my “slutty pirate” when they released transmog! I have a thing for Draeneis so this outfit worked out amazingly good on my Draenei Priest 🙂 Enjoy!

As always @GPBatinna made video of all the entrys, you can see the video on her blog! 🙂

Items used:
Head: Mirren’s Drinking Hat
Shoulders: Furious Gladiator’s Mooncloth Mantle
Chest: Corsair’s Overshirt

Wrists: –
Gloves: Heavy Linen Gloves
Belt: Ruthless Gladiator’s Cord of Accuracy
Leggings: Cindercloth Pants
Feet: Boots of Prophecy (Priest only, but if you are Draenei the set is fine with some pair of sandals that don’t have in game look :P)
Weapon: –

Sometimes it gets hot outside and you need something to prevent sunstroke

 Also like all good pirates I have my loyal companion, crackers <3