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#DeathKnightWeek notable Death Knights

Since I figured out this “theme” on my Druid week, this one is going to be my first notable Death Knights post 🙂 I was thinking to start with familiar boss encounter, Four Horsemen. Here they are: Baron Rivendare He was wealthy Landowner and friend of Kel’thuzad. He fell under the necromancer’s way and helped build and… Read More #DeathKnightWeek notable Death Knights

#deathknightweek, alt appreciation, death knight, warcraft

Alt Appreciation #DeathKnightweek

When @Laeleiweyn from World of Lae made a post about alt appreciation I instantly thought that this would be something for me to try out. Since I’m dedicated altoholic I thought in my head that why not try to level my missing alts on these weeks. So this first week is all about Death Knights, I have to say I’m not… Read More Alt Appreciation #DeathKnightweek