Day 25 of 30 day World of Warcraft

Who do you play with?

I play with my friends (realID is such an awesome thing!), I also play with my boyfriend,

doing old raids and stuff. But I have times when I do my own stuff, leveling, farming, questing just doing stuff 😀

And now I have started a new “hobby”, every Friday evening there is Twitter raid (doing old raids and having fun) organized by @MissMurloc ^_^

Day 24 of 30 day World of Warcraft challenge

Your favourite screenshot?

There are loads and loads of funny screenshot I’ve taken and other people have taken, but for this one I wanted to choose something bit more meaningful.
This screenshot is taken weekish after my first visit to see my boyfriend in Sweden. He wanted to surprise me, and oh he did, he had the lovely picnic basket and then we just sat in Skype talking ^_^ He is really awesome and always looking ways to surprise me or make me feel happier. <3 :)

Day 22 of 30 day World of Warcraft challenge

Your non-combat pets (choose one character and link it)?

Oh boy! I love non-combat pets, so so much. I started collecting them in classic when we had small bags and tiny bank and no own pet page. But I think this post would be bit too long if I would post all of my pets, since at the moment I have 452 pets.
Just gonna link some of my favourite ones (I love all my pets just as much!) 🙂

When you kiss Mojo it turns you to frog 😛

Windridercup <3

Day 20 of 30 day World of Warcraft challenge

How did you come up with your main’s name?

I’ve had few different names in the past Cional, Lakritsi (liquorice in finnish ;D), Maplé.
But my current one Rinike is a anagram of my middle name. When I was thinking about to start a blog I wanted a name that was different without any funny letters and would be unique (well at least at this moment it is unique :D), so I after some thinking I came up with this one 🙂

Day 19 of 30 day World of Warcraft

Your favourite class and why?

My favourite class is DRUID!! and why? Well just because I have so many choices with it, I can be healer, tank, kitty or boomkin dps if I feel like it. My main spec is Resto and at the moment off spec is tank, I love healing as a druid it’s so chill and all the hots <3
I tried to be dps, I tried to be lazerchicken from space, I tried to be kitty dps but it just didn’t work. I’m healer by heart <3 (tank spec is just so I can stare at furry bear but while I solo some old stuff ;D But tanking is really awesome with druid too).

My Druid is Night Elf, I was Worgen when they were released in cataclysm, but the animation for them wasn’t just what I was really hoping for (because wolves <3) so I changed back. I would love to be Draenei or Gnome Druid tho :)
And let’s not forget one of the best part being druid, you have matching pet for almost every form (for aquatic form you can always choose aquatic pet and for flight form just choose your favourite flying one ^^)

Here are some examples:

Day 18 of 30 day World of Warcraft challenge

Best and worst thing about WoW?

Lets start with the worst part, I think it is that with all the social events and things like that are kind of drying out, like for example before you had to actually talk to people to get into a dungeon. And all the Mr and Mrs “I know it all, so I’m better than you” types that seems to rule the instances. Oh oh and tanks joining as dps, dps trying to tank, healers as dps and other way around, and all because “well I can do that”.  I think Blizzard should make that thing better so people fill the role that they are actually supposed to be, but it’s easier said than done I know.
And I’m really glad there are still people out there that want to organize old raids and stuff with people, and talk to people. (Twitter guys, I mean you!  <3) I think the best part of WoW is that you can actually do almost anything you want, dye your hair, switch armor, collect mounts and pets, you can have your own farm now too. Do dailies or choose not to, choose scenarios or dungeons or both. LookingForRaid option (I learned to like it more now with the new loot system), PvP arenas, rated battlegrounds, normal battlegrounds. And most of all ACHIEVEMENTS! 🙂 So much to choose from 🙂
I just love this game! <3

Day 17 of 30 World of Warcraft challenge

Your favourite WoW related YouTube video?

This one is so so easy (tho it’s in 3 parts ;D), I’ve had same favourite video since ever!
They are short movies following same story, it’s called Tales of the Past.

Maquans (Marting Falch, director) own words about the series:”The series originally started out as a guild promotion movie for my guild, Eden Aurorae.However, as it got popular, I decided to continue and make my second storyline movie, Tales of the Past, which was indeed a way more serious project than the original guild movie. The original idea of Tales of the Past was to make a movie with arranged events between the Horde and the Alliance – as you’ve seen, the same thing goes for Tales of the Past II.Tales of the Past II was my ambition to make what I did not make in Tales of the Past.Voice Acting, camera changes, action, a script, a plot – everything a movie should contain. This ambition turned out to result in quite a ride, spanning over 6 months of hard work, but also tons of fun with all the actors, voice actors and supporters of the movie! In the end it fulfilled my ambition and I am satisfied with the result, even though I know I can improve in many areas! I have learned tons from this production and I know a lot more than I did when I began.”

“It is also the best and largest scale machinima movie ever created using recordings from World of Warcraft – with multiple large battle-scenes involving thousands of players participating.” -WoWWiki

About the movies, if you haven’t watched them you REALLY should! You have missed so much 😛 The whole storyline is so amazing, the characters, voice acting, it brings chills on my back everytime I watch them (and I usually watch them all on the same day), so much effort put on those!!!  WATCH THEM! WATCH THEM NOW! ;D

Tales of the Past (I, II and III)


Day 16 of 30 day World of Warcraft challenge

What do you listen to while playing?

I usually listen music (sometimes I watch series, at the moment I’m watching Pokemon, season 5) and the music genre totally depends on my mood. Lately I’ve been listening Disney music <3
Sometimes I use the Soundrop on Spotify or radio.

As you can see I have loads of different lists, and some of them include same songs because the lists are mostly made for different moods 🙂

P.S. Sonata Arctica is the best band in the world 😉 <3

P.P.S. Edit: Forgot to list few bands inside the mix albums, Stone Sour, Slipknot, Three Days Grace, Scar Symmetry, Avenged Sevenfold, Deathstars, Thousand Foot Krutch, Crossfade, Breaking Benjamin, Drowning Pool, Trapt and many others 🙂