Pet Battles

Past few days I’ve been doing Pet Battles and some old raids, but mainly Pet Battles. I’ve been checking time to time (well the whole yesterday ;D) for Unborn Val’kyr. It’s my second favourite pet at the moment. And just like few minutes ago I caught her! I named her “Castiel” just because I love Supernatural 😉

 So far I’ve got these achies, I’m 2 pet away to get Kalimdor Safari, Qiraji Guardling and Mindernal. Getting the Guardling soon, but need some farming on the Minfernal 🙂

Ulduar (twitter raid part 2)

Yesterday we had another Friday Twitter run, we went to the best raid in the whole WoW, Ulduar.
Ulduar as a place is a prison for Old God Yogg-Saron, who is the last boss in this, also current residence for most of the titanic watchers (FreyaHodirLokenMimiron and Thorim) who has fallen under the Yogg-Saron’s influence. Our duty is to help them.

I love that raid so much, the look and feeling of the whole instance, how you help the titans and the bosses, how the mechanics were designed. The music, the voice acting, and gameplay of the whole instance, so amazing. (When Ulduar came I was using my crappy laptop and I still was able to experience the whole thing!) and the best of all above, the story!! Here is link for the official trailer, I could watch that over and over again 😛

Usually these Friday runs are organized by @MissMurloc, but she couldn’t come this time so @Chromeeh_Gnome had really nice idea to cheer her up!

 While doing bosses we had some giggles too:

For some, yet unknown, reason first boss Flame Leviathan decided to have some fun and bug itself so we were not able to ress. (the one alive is not inside yet ;D)

We tried some Gnome hiding!

Train trip!

 Also you can have your own Fast and Furious edition motorcycle!

  Thanks for all the peeps again who joined and had fun!! Can’t wait for next weeks raid!!

Day 11 of 30 day World of Warcraft challenge

Your favourite gear set?

 It was really difficult to choose between all the cool sets, first I had to think what class, then PvE, PvE look a like or PvP version of that set, really tough one. BUT I was able to choose only one.

It is Priest tier 5 PvP version, I like this a bit more than the real tier 5, just because it’s darker. (silly reason yes.) I like the wings and the halo, I think they make this set even more Priest looking.

Frost Witch

I’m using Tier 10 on my Shaman, it’s called Frost Witch.
I really like this set, it’s not over the top with all the blingy things, the green dots are really nice details. It also looks really shamanistic, it’s my favourite shaman set so far.
I have a thing for eyepatches so I’m using it instead of the normal set helm, also I’m not fan of big belts so I chose smaller matching one. It’s rather easy to get, the pieces costs Justice Points. Main reason why I’m using the axe is the name, and it kinda fits for the whole theme also the big bulls head on a shield is so amazing.

HeadMalefactor’s Eyepatch
ShouldersFrost Witch’s Spaulders
ChestFrost Witch’s Tunic
Wrists: Any tiny one will do
GlovesFrost Witch’s Handguards
BeltLord’s Girdle
LeggingsFrost Witch’s Legguards
Feet: With robes I don’t use any mogs
Main HandNighttime
Off HandProtector of Frigid Souls

Day 10 of 30 day World of Warcraft challenge

Your favourite mount?

My favourite mount is the Frostwolf Howler, I love wolves, so much! And this mount has a backstory too, I hated PvP back in classic, I really did. But since back then you were only able to get this mount, if you were exalted with Alterac Valley and you needed 50 “Alterac Valley mark of honor” marks. So I farmed everyday a little bit to get this beauty and I was so happy when I got it. One of my favourite moments in WoW. Sadly this is Horde only.
And it looks really badass too 😉

Day 9 of 30 day World of Warcraft challenge

Horde or Alliance (and why) ?

I’m gonna say Alliance just because they have Draeneis, Gnomes and Night Elves. For first years of my warcraft ‘career’ I was “For the Horde!” and all that, but then all the prettiness on Alliance side caught me.
And now since Thrall isn’t the leader anymore (I hate Garrosh) because he is busy elsewhere, no point of rerolling fully back.

I do have thing for Horde tho, I have few character on Horde side and I like them, but just so many of my friends are on Alliance.

So, For the Alliance!

Monky Leather

(Yes I’m really bad naming the titles, sorry ;D)

I got my monk to 90 on Monday and been thinking since what transmog I wanted, I spent hours searching on MogIt what I would love to have and then I came up 3 different ones.
It was really hard to pick between them but I decided to go with this one. I like the leggings so much, I wish there would be “hide belt” option sometimes, since these ones has really awesome skull just under the belt.

twitter raid

I’ve met some awesome new peeps through Twitter and last Friday we had Naxxramas 25 hc and Trial of the Grand Crusader, which is the heroic version of Trial of the Crusader raid, run and I had loads of fun there! 🙂 

Bubblegum pinata!

Sadly I forgot to take funny pictures from TotGC, but I’ll take more on next run!

Yesterday we went to Bastion of Twilight heroic!

This is why we have our RealID’s and social media, had nice giggles on both of times!
Gonna edit this part here, yesterday (12.7.2013) after 2 day wiping we got Sinestra down also 🙂

Day 8 of 30 day World of Warcraft challenge

PvE / PvP / RP?

I’m gonna say that PvE and PvP. Few times back I only played PvP only if I have to do that (like achievements or holiday events), but now I’ve been playing quite a lot Resto pvp. I kinda like it, I’m not really good at PvP because I get easily distracted by a lot of different things. But I’m now on that spot when I’m on a random Battleground and random ok geared people to to kill me, and they fail at it 😉 I gotta love that!
Tho back in classic I was farming Alterac Valley with my Warlock just to get it exalted so I could buy Frostwolf Howler mount 🙂

That is how I got this Feat of Strenght: