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Frost Witch

I’m using Tier 10 on my Shaman, it’s called Frost Witch. I really like this set, it’s not over the top with all the blingy things, the green dots are really nice details. It also looks really shamanistic, it’s my favourite shaman set so far. I have a thing for eyepatches so I’m using it… Read More Frost Witch

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Day 9 of 30 day World of Warcraft challenge

Horde or Alliance (and why) ? I’m gonna say Alliance just because they have Draeneis, Gnomes and Night Elves. For first years of my warcraft ‘career’ I was “For the Horde!” and all that, but then all the prettiness on Alliance side caught me.And now since Thrall isn’t the leader anymore (I hate Garrosh) because he is busy… Read More Day 9 of 30 day World of Warcraft challenge

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twitter raid

I’ve met some awesome new peeps through Twitter and last Friday we had Naxxramas 25 hc and Trial of the Grand Crusader, which is the heroic version of Trial of the Crusader raid, run and I had loads of fun there! 🙂  Bubblegum pinata! Sadly I forgot to take funny pictures from TotGC, but I’ll take more on… Read More twitter raid

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Clefaries in WoW ?

I was doing quests in Dread Wastes and came across this quest: “Bind the Glamour“Where you help Chief Rikkitun enchant the Forked Blade.It pretty much looks like this: I just instantly thought how obsessed Clefairy’s, in Pokemon, are with their Moon Stone 🙂Don’t know how many of you have been watching Pokemon so here is… Read More Clefaries in WoW ?