About me


Hello Sweetie(s)!

Welcome to my blog!
I mainly write about my ‘real life’ adventures, but I do however ramble about adventures I have in different games.

More about me

  • I’m 29 years young, brown eyes, 160 cm short and hair colour varies a lot!
  • I come from small and cold country called Finland. Needless to say that I love metal and rock.
  • I moved to Sweden bit over 4 years ago to live with my boyfriend (now hubby <3), we met trough Warcraft.
  • I love all things fantasy and horror.
  • I love reading books (my current favourite series is Memoirs of Lady Trent  written by Marie Brennan).
  • I do marathons (on Netflix) My favourite TV shows are Doctor Who, Torchwood, Warehouse 13, Supernatural, Game of Thrones and Criminal Minds for example.
  • I also love cats, they’re so cute and fluffy!
  • I love different mythologies, Norse, Egyptian and Greek.
  • I collect adult colouring books.
  • I have few spirit animals / guides. A green dragon, brown bear and white wolf & owl. Those are the ones that appear or I seek protection from most often.
  • I love smileys so sorry in advance!

I’ve never really fit on any specific box, but if I would choose it would be close to “nerdy” or “bit odd”.
Ever since I was a kid, instead of talking about nails, clothes or boys I spent my time climbing in trees, reading books or playing games. My first touch to the computer & console game world happened at my aunt’s place with Super Mario World fo Super Nintendo. I can proudly say that at the age of 5 I finished the first level without even looking on the screen half of the time ;D After Super Nintendo we got our own console, the first PlayStation. Spyro and Crash Bandicoot were my absolute favourites!

I love playing games, a lot. I mean sometimes I might have one of my Otome games or Hearthstone on my phone, my Nintendo 3DS/PsVita on my desk while I play Final Fantasy XIV or some other game.
I currently play Final Fantasy XIV the most. I do login to Warcraft on time to time to do some old content or few dungeons. Other MMORPGs that I’ve played (and still play sometimes) are RIFT, AION, Ragnarok Online (the first one), Wildstar and for example. I also like some single player games (well I play the online games mostly alone due to my weird desire to explore absolutely _everything_ ), I don’t have big collection but sometimes the amount of “unplayed” games on Steam and Origin is overwhelming.

I’m usually really bad writing things like this, I get derailed so much and then I forget what I was going to write but hope you liked it and thanks for taking the time to read it 🙂


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