Oldie but Goldie #IntPiPoMo 41-50

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Here is the next bunch of pictures! Click pictures to view full size (opens in a new tab)!
I thought for the last bunch I wanted to pick a game that’s one of my absolute favourite! Final Fantasy XIV. Some of these pictures are OLD! I mean really old! From a Realm Reborn and Heavensward! Even before /gpose ! For the last 3 pictures are from Stormblood and with gpose only. Didn’t want to add ReShade pictures here because I wanted to be nostalgic! 😀 Hope you’ve enjoyed my IntPiPoMo pictures and look forward my next years!

My first character! My itty bitty dragoon kitty!

Dragoon kitty with smol kitty!

Chocobos <3

I had just seen Jurassic World!

Flying Fat Chocobo

Heavensward’s areas are so amazing!

I’m so proud how this picture turned out!

My adorable Astrologian! Ready for adventures!

Was visiting my friend’s housing area! (and spying Noctis!)

My smol potato getting married!

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